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PA:Yang Xi

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Name Yang Xi  Gender Male Phone 15108300342
Email Office-address Room 425 of Zhonghe Building, Qingshuihe Campus.                                    School of Political Science and Public Administration, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC).
Major  Public Management
Research interest Public Organizations; Smart  Governance
Biography Xi Yang received Ph.D. in Education from Southwest University in 2007. His studies focus on Education Development around the world. Very good at field work on the educational program he believes that the government could play much important role in the education reform all over the world, and the internetwork could help promote the efficiency of education in school. B6
Xi Yang has led group researching on the Smart Education program in China since 2013. His latest research topic is “Research on the Modern University System Design”, which aims at pursuing some investigation about that topic in China by comparing it to some foreign universities' systems. You are welcome to join his group and work together on something which you are interested in.
Teaching schedule Course 1: Education Administration
Course 2: Public Program Management
Selected publications
1. Review of the Career Sducation for the Chinese Students. China Education Journal.  2007.09
2. Research on the Educational Thoughts of Pollard and ZHU Huanzhang. Journal of Research on Education for Ethnic Minorities.2007.02
3.  The Study on Market Factors affecting Pedagogy Postgraduates’ Employment. Further Education Research.2009.06
4.  The Study on Construction of Teacher Performance Management System of Secondary Vocational and Technical Schools,2009 International Conference on Public Administration (ICPA 5th )
5. Study on the Rational Allocation of Rural Compulsory Governmental Education Decision-making Authority in China,2009 International Conference on Public Administration (ICPA 5th )
6.  Study on the Relationship Between Construction a powerful Human-resources Nation and Higher Educational Quality,2012 International Conference on Public Administration (ICPA 8th )
7.  Study on the Smart City through Smart Government in China, 2014 International Conference on Public Administration (ICPA 10th ) B10
8.  Thoughts on the Governance Mode of Government-led Resettlement of Rural Community in China,2014 International Conference on Public Administration (ICPA 10th )
Selected  books 1, Education in Miao Stockade——A Study on Endogenous Development of Minority Education in Southwestern China. Beijing: Sino-culture Press.2009.11
(苗寨乡校——西南地区少数民族教育内源发展研究. 北京:华文出版社.2009.11)
2.The Everything New Teacher Book. Beijing: Chinese Light Industry Press.2007.01