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AE:Chen Yong

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name : Chen Yong Sex: male phone: 86-28-61830662
email: office-address: Institute Building 318A
PH.D  Supervisor: Yes Master Supervisor: Yes
major: Control Science and Engineering
research interst: Power Electronics and Motion Control,Intelligent Control;Image Processing;New Energy System;Electric Vehicles;Networked Control System;Fault Diagnosis and Tolerance
Biography: Ph .D, Professor,Doctoral Supervisor ,IEEE Senior Member,CSEE Member ,CAA Member,CPSS Member,. He has been currently presiding 2 National projects , 8 Province projects and many industy projects. He has published over 70 technical papers in journals and conferences, and 15 Chinese patents. 
Education experience: 2004-2007.Chongqing University,China ,Phd Student;                                                                                                                                      2012-2013,The Univesity of Adelaide, Australia, Vistior;                                                                                                                         2015.8.Technische Universität Berlin.Germany,Vistior
Selected Publications: (1) Meng LI, Yong CHEN*.Robust adaptive sliding mode control forswitched networked control systems with disturbance and faults, IEEETransactions on Industrial Informatics, 2018.2.22, pp(99): 1~1                                (2)Meng LI, Yong CHEN*A Wide-Area Dynamic Damping Controller Based on Robust H∞Control for Wide-Area Power Systems with Random Delay and PacketDropout, IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, 2017.12.1                                    (3)Meng LI  ,Yong CHEN.Sliding mode fault-tolerant control forswitched systems with disturbance and faults, 2017 11th Asian ControlConference (ASCC),                                                                                                           (4)Yong CHEN*,Wenping DAI.Study and design of a novel three-phase bridgeless boost power factor correction. IET Power Electronics.2014
(5)Yong CHEN*,Jun ZHOU.Application of Improved Bridgeless PFC Based on One Cycle Control in Electric Vehicle Charging System. Electric Power Components and Systems.2013
(6)Yong CHEN*,Ronghua ZHANG.Object detection and tracking with active camera on motion vectors of feature points and particle filter. Review of Scientific Instruments,2013
(7)Yong CHEN*,Fu ZHOU.Online Adaptive Parameter Identification of PMSM Basing on the Dead-time Compensation .International Journal of Electronics,2014