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MCE:CHEN Shuheng

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name : CHEN Shuheng Sex: Male phone: +86-13982185010
email: office-address: Institute Building 316 ,No. 2006, Xi Yuan Avenue, West High-tech Zone, Chengdu, Sichuan, 611731, P.R. China
PH.D  Supervisor: No Master Supervisor: Yes
major: Mechanical Engineering
research interest: Smart grid.
Biography: Shuheng Chen, male, was born in September 1974. He received the B.Eng. and M.Sc. degrees from Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, China, in 1998 and 2000, respectively, and the Ph.D. degree from Sichuan University, Chengdu, China, in 2007. All degrees are in electrical engineering. From September 2013 to September 2014, he was a visiting scholar at the department of energy technology, Aalborg University, Aalborg, Denmark. Now, he is an associate professor with the school of energy science and engineering, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Chengdu, China. His research interests include optimization and planning of modern distribution systems, smart substation, and wide-area measurement and control of power systems. He has published 14 SCI/EI papers as the first author on the famous journals, including IEEE transactions on power systems, IET transactions on generation, transmission and distribution, and Proceedings of the CSEE.
Education experience: • Visiting Scholar (September 2013- September 2014), Department of Energy Technology, Aalborg University, Aalborg, Denmark.
• PhD (September 2003-December 2007), School of Electrical Engineering and Information, Sichuan University, China.
• Ms (September 1998-July 2000) School of Electrical Engineering and Automation, Harbin Institute of Technology, China
• BSc (September 1993-July 1998) School of Electrical Engineering and Automation, Harbin Institute of Technology, China
Selected Publications: [1] Shuheng Chen, Weihao Hu, and Zhe Chen. Comprehensive Cost Minimization in Distribution Networks Using Segmented-time Feeder Reconfiguration and Reactive Power Control of Distributed Generators, IEEE Trans. Power Syst., vol. 31, no. 2, pp. 983-993. March, 2016. (SCI Journal).
[2] Shuheng Chen, Weihao Hu, Chi Su, Xiaoxu Zhang, Zhe Chen. Optimal Reactive Power and Voltage Control in Distribution Networks with Distributed Generators by Fuzzy Adaptive Hybrid PSO Method, IET Gener. Transm. Distrib., vol. 9, no. 11, pp. 1096-1103. August, 2015. (SCI Journal).
[3] Shuheng Chen, Weihao Hu, and Zhe Chen. Power Flow Calculation for Weakly Meshed Distribution Networks with Multiple DGs Based on Generalized Chain-table Storage Structure. 2014 International Conference on Power System Technology (POWERCON 2014) Chengdu, 20-22 Oct. 2014. (EI Compendex), pp. 186-192.
[4] Shuheng Chen, Xiongfei Wang, Chi Su, Zhe Chen. An Improved Power Flow Method Based on Extended Chain-table Storage Structure for Distribution Network with PV Nodes.  The 2014 IEEE ENERGYCON conference, Dubrovnik, Croatia, May 13-16,2014 (EI Compendex), pp. 892 - 896.
[5] Shuheng Chen,Changhua Zhang,Luan Chen . Reactive power optimization of distribution system incorporating distribution generations and running cost. The 2013 International Conference on Advances in Energy and Environmental Science (ICAEES 2013): 30-31 July 2013, Guangzhou China (EI Compendex), pp. 1153-1159.
[6] Chen Shuheng, Chen Luan, Chen Yong. Probabilistic Reactive Power Optimization of Distribution Network Considering Stochastic Wind Speed and Load. Advances in Applied Materials and Electronics Engineering II. (AMEE 2013): 19-20 April 2013, Hongkong, China (EI Compendex), pp. 676-679.
[7] Shuheng Chen. Reactive Power Optimization of Distribution Network Based on Probability model. (AsisPES 2013): 10-12 April 2013, Phuket Thailand (EI Compendex), pp. 1-6.
[8] Shuheng Chen, Luan Chen, Yong Chen. An improved distribution network reconfiguration based on Niche Discrete PSO. 2013 2nd International Conference on Intelligent System and Automatic Control (ICISAC2013): 3-4 March 2013, Taiyuan, China (EI Compendex), pp. 61-64.
[9] CHEN Shu-heng, DANG Xiao-qiang,LI Xing-yuan. Power flow method for distribution network based on generalized injecting current node model [J]. Power System Protection and Control,2013, 41(6):19-24.
[10] Shuheng Chen, Qunying Liu, Yong Chen. A new method for distribution network power flow calculation Based on Generalized Injecting Current Node Model. 2012 International Conference on Power Electronics Engineering and Computer Technology (PEECT 2012): 21–23 December 2012, Yichang, China, pp. 476-482.
 [11] CHEN Shu-heng, DANG Xiao-qiang, LI Xing-yuan, LIU Qun-ying, Reactive power optimization for distribution system with distribution generators considering device cost [J]. Power System Protection and Control,2012, 40 (21): 110-115. (EI Compendex).
[12] CHEN Shu-heng, DANG Xiao-qiang, LI Xing-yuan. Distribution network reconfiguration based on incorporation data platform and improved PSO [J]. Power System Protection and Control,2012, 40 (17): 36-41. (EI Compendex).
[13] CHEN Shuheng, LI Xingyuan, LIU Qunying. Development of master station voltage/reactive power automatic control system based on adaptive substation logic[J]. Electric Power Automation Equipment,2009,29(5): 17-22. (EI Compendex).
 [14] CHEN Shu-heng, LI Xing-yuan, Model Identification in AC/DC Parallel Transmission System Based on WAMS [J]. Proceedings of the CSEE,2008, 28(4):48-53. (EI Compendex).
[15] CHEN Shu-heng,LI Xing-yuan,WU Ling-yun,LIU Jun. Wide-Area Damp Control for AC/DC Hybrid Transmission Systems Based on Identification of Reduced Order Model [J] . Power System Technology,2007,31(7):36-41. (EI Inspec).
[16] CHEN Shu-heng, LI Xing-yuan. An algorithm for identifying low frequency oscillation modes on line based on WAMS [J]. RELAY,2007,35(20):17-22.