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ES:Li Tingshuai

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name : Li Tingshuai Sex: Male phone: +86-18200234059
email: office-address: No. 2006, Xi Yuan Avenue, West High-tech Zone, Chengdu, Sichuan, 611731, P.R. China
PH.D  Supervisor:  No Master Supervisor: Yes 
major: Electronic Science and Technology
research interest: Electronic Information Material and Devices
Biography: I am Dr Li  , born in 1983 and joined in UESTC on 2013. I got my Phd degree from Chinese Academy of Science in 2011 and then I went to Singapore and  US for Postdoc research. CAS I have supervised 9 graduates in the fields of fuel cells, random laser and EMP test. I also received three graduates from Lund University for short visiting.  I will focus on fundamental studies on material design and fabrication for enery converion and storage in the near few years. 
Education experience: Ph.D. - Material physics and chemistry                 (2006.8-2011.6)
Division of Fuel Cell and Energy Technology, Ningbo Institute of Material Technology  and Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Major: material physics and chemistry
Study of postgraduate Courses                         (2006.9-2007.6)
Depertment of Physics, Uinversity of Science and Technology of China
Bachelor- theoretical physics                          (2002.8-2006.6)
Department of physics: theoretical physics, Ludong University
Selected Publications: 1) Tara Larsson, Tingshuai Li,*, Min Xu, Ida Fransson, Guangsen Yu, Martin Andersson, Baihai Li, Bengt Sunden,Co-fabrication of nickel-YSZ cermet nanofibers via an electrospinning technique,Materials Research Bulletin 86 (2017) 38–43.
2) Guangsen Yu , Ting Shuai Li *, Min Xu , Martin Andersson , Baihai Li , Hui Tang ,Joe Parbey , Jing Shao, Fabrication of nickel-YSZ cermet nanofibers via electrospinning, Journal of Alloys and Compounds 693 (2017) 1214e1219.
3) Min Xu, TS Li, Ming Yang, Martin Andersson, Ida Fransson, Tara Larsson, Bengt Sunden, Modeling of an anode supported solid oxide fuel cell focusing on thermal stresses, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 41 (2016) 14927-14940.
4) Min Xu, TS Li, Ming Yang, Martin Andersson, Solid oxide fuel cell interconnect design optimization considering the thermal stresses, Science Bulletin,(2016),DOI 10.1007/s11434-016-1146-3.
5) Min Xu, Baihai Li, Baoqing Wang, Xiyun Liu, TS Li*, Liang Chen, Mechanism of Phosphorus and Chlorine Passivating a Nickel Catalyst: A Density Functional Theory Study, Electrochimica Acta 167 (2015) 147–150.
6) Tingshuai Li*, Min Xu, Chongxin Gao, Baoqing Wang, Xiyun Liu, Baihai Li, Wei Guo Wang, Investigation into the effects of sulfur on syngas reforming inside a solid oxide fuel cell , Journal of Power Sources, 2014,28(15),1-4
7) Tingshuai Li*, Chongxin Gao, Min Xu, Baihai Li, Mengqiang Wu, Wei Guo Wang, Effects of PH3 and CH3Cl Contaminants on the Performance of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, Fuel Cells, 2014, 14(6), 999–1005
Books: High-temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells for the 21st Century Book,  Elsevier, Chapter 12, 2015.12