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SME: Yin,LiangJun

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name : Yin LiangJun Sex: Male phone: 8617313125055
email: office-address: 请填(No.2006,Xiyuan Ave. West Hi-Tech. Zone, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China
No.4, Section 2, North Jianshe Road, Chenghua District
Chengdu, Sichuan Province,China)
PH.D  Supervisor: No Master Supervisor: Yes
major: Electronic Science and Technology
research interst: Electronic Thin Film Integrated Devices Technology
Biography: Over the years, I worked on the research of photo conversion materials used in leds and display devices, which is being funded by National Natural Foundations.
Education experience: 2015/9-2016/9  Post-doctor, Delft University of Technology,Supervisor: Pro. J. Ruud van Ommen and Hubertus T. (Bert) Hintzen
2007/9-2012/7  PhD, University of Science and Technology of China, Supervisor: Pro. Xin Xu
Selected Publications: 1. Liang-Jun Yin*, Ying-Lin Liang, et al., ",A novel strategy to motivate the luminescent efficiency of phosphor: drilling nanoholes on the surface”, Chem. Commun., (2018) Accepted.
2. Liang-Jun Yin*, Wen-Jie Xie, et al., "Insight into the evolution mechanism of carbon film and Eu valence in carbon coated BaMgAl10O17: Eu2+ phosphor annealed in air", Ceram. Int., (2018) Accepted.
3. Liang-Jun Yin*, Benjamin Dierre, et al., "Transition of Emission Colours as a Consequence of Heat-Treatment of Carbon Coated Ce3+-Doped YAG Phosphors", Materials, 10, 1180 (2017) invited paper.
4. Liang-Jun Yin*, Chao Cai, et al., "Luminescent properties and microstructure of SiC doped AlON: Eu2þphosphors", J. Alloy. Compd., 725, 217 (2017).
5. Xian Jian, Liang-Jun Yin*, et al., "Insight the Luminescence Properties of AlON: Eu, Mg Phosphor under VUV Excitation", Materials, 10, 723 (2017).