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ES:Zhou Haiping

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name : Zhou Haiping  Sex: Male phone: +86-28-61831556
email: office-address: Institute Building 324,No. 2006, Xi Yuan Avenue, West High-tech Zone, Chengdu, Sichuan, 611731, P.R. China
PH.D  Supervisor: No Master Supervisor: Yes
major: Electronic Science and Technology
research interest: Electronic Information Material and Devices
Biography:       Dr. Zhou Haiping joined UESTC at 2013 after finishing his PhD degree at NTU, Singapore. His research scope includes solar cells, plasma source and applications and nanotechnology. Dr. Zhou is now financially suppprted by NSFC. 
Education experience: 2009-2013 Nanyang Technological Univerisity (Ph.D) ,2002-2005 Shanghai JiaoTong University (Master), 1998-2002 Three Gorges University (Bacherlor)
Selected Publications: 1) H.P. Zhou, M. Xu, S. Xu, L. L. Liu, C. X. Liu, L. C. Kwek and L. X. Xu, Hydrogen-plasma-induced Rapid, Low-Temperature Crystallization of
μm-thick a-Si:H Films, Scientific Reports 6, 32716 (2016).
2) H. P. Zhou, S. Xu, Z. Zhao, Y. Xiang, Inductively coupled hydrogen plasma processing of AZO thin films for heterojunction solar cell applications, Journal of Alloy and Compounds 610, 107 (2014)
3)H. P. Zhou, D.Y. Wei, L. X. Xu, Y. N. Guo, S. Q. Xiao, S. Y. Huang and S. Xu, Low temperature SiNx:H films deposited by inductively coupled plasma for solar cell applications, Applied Surface Science 264, 21 (2013).
4)  H. P. Zhou, D. Y. Wei, S. Xu, S. Q. Xiao, L. X. Xu, S. Y. Huang, Y. N. Guo, S. Khan, and M. Xu, Si surface passivation by SiOx:H films deposited by low-frequency ICP for solar cell applications, J. Appl. Phys. D: Applied Phys. 45, 395401 (2012).
5) S. Xu, S.Y. Huang, I. Levchenko, H. P. Zhou, D. Y. Wei, S. Q. Xiao, L. X. Xu, W. S. Yan and K. Ostrikov, Highly efficient silicon nanoarray solar cells by a single-step plasma-based process, Advanced Energy Materials 1, 373 (2011).
Books: 1) S. Q. Xiao, S. Xu and H. P. Zhou, Chapter 12 “Plasma Technology in Si-based Photovoltaic Applications” in Book “Low Temperature Plasma Technology Methods and Applications”, Taylor and Francis Group, LLC , 2014.
2) H. P. Zhou, S. Xu and S. Q. Xiao, Chapter 8 "High-Density Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition of Si-Based Materials for Solar Cell
Applications" in Book "Chemical Vapor Deposition-Recent Advances and Applications in Optical, Solar Cells and Solid State Devices", Intech (ISBN 978-953-51-2573-0), 2016