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RE:Wang Yong

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name : Wang Yong Sex: male phone: 028-61831576
email: office-address: Research Institute 509
PH.D  Supervisor: Yes Master Supervisor: Yes
major: Information and Communication Engineering
research interst: Geographic Information Systems
Biography:  He has become a professor of the School of Resources and Environment, and the “1000 Talents Program” scholar of China since 2012. His general research area is the application of remotely sensed and geo-spatial datasets to environments, natural hazards and air pollution, and is firmly couched within coastal areas of USA and China, and Sichuan basin of China recently. His on-going or recently completed research projects in USA are sponsored by NASA, Department of Homeland Security, United States Geological Survey (USGS)/AmericaView, US Fish and Wildlife Service, and North Carolina Seagrant. He has published over 120 papers including 53 SCI indexed articles. Cumulatively, his publications have been cited over 900 times based on Web of Science.
Education experience: University of California at Santa Barbara, USA, 1992, PhD
University of California at Santa Barbara, USA, 1989, MA
Northwestern Polytechnical University, China, 1982, BS
Selected Publications: Assessment of snow status changes using L-HH temporal-coherence  components at Mt. Dagu, China. Yong Wang, Lei Wang, Hong  Li, Yuanyuan Yang, and Taoli Yang, 2015. Remote Sensing. 7, 11602- 11620.

Removal of thin clouds in Landsat-8 OLI data with independent component  analysis. Yang Shen, Yong Wang, Haitao Lv, and Jiang Qian,  2015.  Remote Sensing. 7, 11481-11500.

Study on a novel multiple elevation beam technique for HRWS SAR  system.  Taoli Yang, Xiaolei Lv, Yong Wang, and Jiang Qian,  2015. IEEE  Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observation and Remote  Sensing. 8(11), 5030-5039.

Removal of thin clouds using cirrus and QA bands of Landsat-8. Yang Shen, Yong Wang, Haitao Lv, and Hong Li, 2015. Photogrammetric  Engineering & Remote Sensing. 81(9), 721–731.

Speciation analysis of mercury in sediments using ionic-liquid-based vortex- assisted liquid–liquid microextraction combined with high- performance liquid chromatography and cold vapor atomic  fluorescence spectrometry. Geng Leng, Wenjin Chen, and Yong  Wang, 2015.  Journal of Separation Science. 38(15), 2684–2691.

Compensation for Azimuth Angle or Scale Effect on Building Extraction in  Urban  Using SAR Scales of Polarization and Coherence. Ao  Du and Yong Wang. 2016. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in  Applied  Earth Observation and Remote Sensing.

An empirical and radiative transfer model based algorithm to remove thin clouds in visible bands. Haitao Lv, Yong Wang, and Yang Shen, 2016. Remote Sensing of Environment. 179, 183-195.