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AA:Zou Huan

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name : Zou Huan Sex: Female phone: 18980980580
email: office-address: Room 204, Research Institute Building
PH.D  Supervisor: No Master Supervisor: Yes
major: Control Science and Engineering
research interest: Detection Technology and Automation Device
Biography: Zou Huan, female, PhD, associate professor and master supervisor of the School of Aeronautics and Astronautics, UESTC. She received her undergraduate and doctorate degree from UESTC in 2003 and 2011 separately. She visited Electronic and Computer Engineering Department of Clemson University from 2007-2010. The main research area at present is RF, Microwave and millimeter wave devices and circuit design. 
Education experience: 1999/09-2003/07, UESTC, School of physical electronics; B.S. in Applied Physics
2003/09-2011/07, UESTC, School of physical electronics; PhD in Physical Electronics
2007/08-2010/01, Clemson University, Electronic and computer engineering department, visiting scholar;
Selected Publications: 1. Zou, Huan ,Wang, Haiyang,Pulse-forming-line based on-chip short pulse generator.,Rev Sci Instrum,2015,86(4):044706-044706
2. Zou Huan ,Geng Yongtao,Wang Pingshan,Li Jiayin,A Comparison Study of On-Chip Short Pulse Generation Circuits Based on Coplanar Waveguide,Chinese Physics C,2011,35(3):278-281
3. Zou Huan ,Zhang Hanqiao,Wang Pingshan,Characterisation and modelling of mitered coplanar waveguide bends on silicon substrate,International Journal of Electronics,2010,97(6):715-727
4. Zou Huan ,Wang Haiyang,On-chip sensor based on two Wilkinson power divider,2013 IEEE MMWCST2013 Conference,2013
5. Zou Huan ,Wang Haiyang,Microfluid permittivity measurement based on on-chip CPW with finite metal thickness,2013 4th International Conference on Optical, Electronic Materials and Applications,2012。
Books: N.A.