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AA:Xie Xiaomei

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name : Xie Xiaomei  Sex: Female phone: 13981814843
email: office-address: No.106, Yanjiuyuan Building, QingShui Campus
PH.D  Supervisor:   Master Supervisor: YES
major: Control Science and Engineering
research interst: Robot Technology and System
Biography: Dr. Xie Xiaomei received her Ph.D. degree from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in 2012, M. S. degree from University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC)  in 1996. She joined UESTC as a teacher from 1996. She has published more than ten papers and edited one book as a partaker.
Education experience: Ph. D. Degree: School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, NTU
Research Topic: Numerical study on heterogeneous material
Date: Jan. 2012 (Jan. 2008 – Jan. 2012)
M. Sc. Degree: School of Mechatronics Engineering, UESTC
Thesis: Active control of vibration
Date: Apr. 1996 (Sep. 1993 – Apr. 1996)
B.Sc. Degree: Department of Mechatronics Engineering, UESTC
Thesis: Structural design of teaching building in a high school
Date: July 1999 (Sep. 1988 – July 1993)
Selected Publications: [1] Xu, M.T, Xu, L.M., Xie, X.M. (2016). Numerical version of self-consistent scheme for heterogeneous materials.  The 5th International Conference on Materials Engineering and Automatic Control.
[2] Zhao, W., Chen, H., Xiang, L.F., Xie, Xiaomei, et al. (2016). Passive acoustic detection of diver based on SVM. Proceedings of 2016 IEEE International Conference on Mechatronics and Automation.
[3] Fan, H., Xie, X.M. (2012).  Dependency of effective modulus of polycrystalline aggregates on macro-geometric configuration.  International Journal of Applied Mechanics. 4(3), 1250031-1-1250031-29.
[4] Xu, L.M., Xie, X.M., Fan, H. (2011).  Polycrystalline aggregates in the thin-wire configuration.  Journal of Applied Physics 110, 084909-1-084909-6.
[5] Xie, X.M., Fan, H. (2010).  Effective modulus of heterogeneous materials in thin film configurations.  Material Science and Engineering A 527(21-22), 5452-5461.
[6] Fan, H., Xie, X.M., Sze, K.Y. (2010).  Effective modulus of polycrystalline aggregates in different geometrical configurations.  Material Science and Engineering A 527(18-19), 5008-5017.
[7] Xu, L.M., Fan, H., Xie, X.M., Li, C. (2008).  Effective elastic property estimation for bi-continuous heterogeneous solids.  CMC: computer, material and continua. 7(3), 119-127.
[8] Liu, X.M., Liu, L., Xie, X.M., Zhu, Z.G. (2006).  The research of light air communication device based on MEMS.  Second Asia International Symposium on Mechatronics.
Books: [1] JiaQi Zhong, Xiaomei Xie. Problems and Analysis in Theoretical Mechanics. Beijing: National Defense Industry Press, 2007