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FF:Jiming Bao

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name : Jiming Bao Sex: Male phone: +86-28-83201896
email: office-address: Communication Building 708(Shahe Campus)
PH.D  Supervisor: Yes Master Supervisor: Yes
major: Ph.D: Physics
research interst: Subwavelength Optics and Applications, Functional Nanostructures and Physical Properties
Biography: Porf Jiming Bao obtained BS and MS degrees in physics from Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China in 1992 and 1995 respectively. From 1996 to 1999, he was a physics graduate student at Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan. In May 1999, he became a graduate student in the applied physics program at the University of Michigan under supervision of Prof. Roberto Merlin, and obtained a PhD in 2003.He was a post-doctoral fellow, and later a research associate, in the group of Prof. Federico Capasso at Harvard University from 2003 to 2008. From 2008, he was associate professor of University of Houston. In 2014, he worked as a ajunct professor of Institute of Fundamental and Frontiers Sciences, UESTC. His current research intersets include Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) in Biodetection, Optical Imaging Based Biodetection, Hierarchical Structure for Neuron Regeneration, Solar Water Splitting, Heterocrystalline Silicon Heterojunctions for Solar Cell, CO2 Photodesorption on ZnO Nanowire Surface, Fiber Optic Temperature Sensors for Harsh Environments, Spectroscopy study of Graphene and Graphene Based Photonic Devices. These works have been pubished in over 90 scientific papers in journals  like Nature Nanotechnology, Nano letters, Advanced Materials and so on. 
Education experience: 2003-2006        School of engineering and applied science, Harvard University        Post-Doctor                                           2003                 Applied Physics, University of Michigan                                             Ph.D                                                       1995                 Department of physics, Zhejiang University                                     Master                                              1992                 Department of physics, Zhejiang University                                     Master
Selected Publications: 1. J. Bao. “Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting: A New Use for Bandgap Engineering”, Nature Nanotechnology 10, 19–20 (2015)
2. W. Li, B. Chen, C. Meng, W. Fang, Y. Xiao, X. Li, Z. Hu, Y. Xu, L. Tong, H. Wang, W. Liu, J. Bao, Y. R. Shen. “Ultrafast All-Optical Graphene Modulator”, Nano Lett. 14 (2), 955-959 (2014).
3. L. Liao, Q. Zhang, Z. Su, Z. Zhao, Y. Wang, Y. Li, X. Lu, D. Wei, G. Feng, Q. Yu, X. Cai, J. Zhao, Z. Ren, H. Fang, F. Robles-Hernandez, S. Baldelli & J. Bao, “Efficient solar water-splitting using a nanocrystalline CoO photocatalyst”, Nature Nanotech 9, 69-73 (2014).
4. Q. Yu, L. A. Jauregui, W. Wu, R. Colby, J. Tian, Z. Su, H. Cao, Z. Liu, D. Pandey, D. Wei, T. F. Chung, P. Peng, N. P. Guisinger, E. A. Stach, J. Bao, S.S. Pei and Y. P. Chen, ""Control and characterization of individual grains and grain boundaries in graphene grown by chemical vapour deposition"", Nature Materials 10, 443 (2011).