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FF:Linyuan Lv

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name : Linyuan Lv Sex: Female phone: 13666682319
email: office-address: Communication Building 705(Shahe Campus)
PH.D  Supervisor: Yes Master Supervisor: Yes
major: Ph.D:Computer Science and Technology
research interst: Information Filtering on Complex Networks
Biography: 2002/09-2006/07   Department of Systems Sciences, School of Management, Beijing
Normal University, Bachelor Degree Majoring Management Science
2006/09-2008/07   Department of Systems Sciences, School of Management, Beijing
Normal University, Master Degree Majoring Systems Science
2008/09-2012/03   Department of Physics, University of Fribourg (Switzerland), Doctor of Philosophy Majoring Statistical Physics
2013/11-2014/04   Department of Physics, Boston University, USA, Visiting scholar

My main research interests include complex networks and information filtering, an interdisciplinary domain related to both statistical physics and information sciences. I have published more than 50 research papers in peer-reviewed international journals and conferences, of which the majority are published in prestigious (top-accessed) physics journals, like Physics Reports, PNAS, Nature Communications, New Journal of Physics, Physical Reviews E, Europhysics Letters, as well as general science journals, like Scientific Reports, PLoS ONE. All my publications get more than 1500 SCI citations from the Web of Science, and more than 3500 citations from Google Scholar.
Education experience: 2002/09-2006/07   Beijing Normal University,School of management,management science,Bachelor
2006/09-2008/07   Beijing Normal University,School of management,System analysis and integration,Master
2008/09-2012/03   University of Fribourg,physics department,Theoretical physics,Ph.D
Selected Publications: [1] L.Lü,D. Chen, X.-L. Ren, Q.-M. Zhang, Y.-C. Zhang, T. Zhou, Vital nodes identification in complex networks, Physics Reports 650: 1-63 (2016)
[2] L. Lü, T. Zhou, Link prediction in complex networks: A survey, Physica A 390, 1150 (2011). ESI paper

[3] L. Lü, M. Medo, C. H. Yeung, Y.-C. Zhang, Z.-K. Zhang, T. Zhou, Recommender Systems, Physics Reports 519, 1-49 (2012). ESI paper

[4] L. Lü*,L. Pan, T. Zhou, Y.-C. Zhang, H. E. Stanley, Towards link predictability of complex networks. PNAS 112(8): 2325–2330 (2015).

[5] L. Lü*,T. Zhou, Q.-M. Zhang, H. E.Stanley, The H-index of a network node and its relation to degree and coreness. Nature Communications 7: 10168 (2016).
Books: An academic monograph 'Link Prediction' was published in 2013, which obtained the first prize of the
4th China university press book award. I'm the first author.