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FF:Alexander Lvovsky

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name : Alexander Lvovsky Sex: Male phone: (740)-593-9430
email: office-address: Communication Building 708(Shahe Campus)
PH.D  Supervisor: Yes Master Supervisor: Yes
major: Ph.D:Optical  Engineering
research interst: Optoelectronic Materials and Integrated Devices, Sensitive Electronics and Sensor Technology
Dr. Alexander Lvovsky ( is an international leader in the field of quantum optical information technology. He is a past Canada Research Chair, a lifetime member of the American Physical Society, a Fellow of the Optical Society of America, a deputy Editor of Optics Express and a winner of many awards – most notably the International Quantum Communications award, the Alberta Ingenuity New Faculty award, the Emmy Noether research award of the German Science Foundation and most recently the 1000 Talents adjunct professorship. He has published about 75 articles in international research journals, cited over five thousand times in total. His publication list includes 16 Physical Review Letters, 6 papers in Nature suite of journals and one article in Science, in most of which Alexander has been either the leading or corresponding author.  
Education experience: 1999-2004, Postdoctoral, Fachbereich Physik, Universität Konstanz, Germany.

1998-1999, Postdoctoral, Department of Physics , University of California, Berkeley

1993-1998, Ph. D., Department of Physics, Columbia University
1989-1993, B.Sc, Lebedev Physical Institute, Moscow
Selected Publications: 1. Complete temporal characterization of a single photon Light: Science and Applications 2015

2. Distillation of the two-mode squeezed state  Physical Review Letters 2014

3. Observation of micro-macro entanglement of light  Nature Physics 2013

4. F. Yang, A. Tashchilina, E. S. Moiseev, C. Simon and A. I. Lvovsky
Far-field linear optical superresolution via heterodyne detection in a higher-order local oscillator mode
Optica 3, 1148 - 1152 (2016)

5. A. E. Ulanov, I. A. Fedorov, D. Sychev, P. Grangier and A. I. Lvovsky
Loss-tolerant quantum enhanced metrology and state engineering via the reverse Hong-Ou-Mandel effect
Nature Communications 7, 11925 (2016)

6. E. Ulanov, I. A. Fedorov, A. A. Pushkina, Y. Kurochkin, T. C. Ralph and A. I. Lvovsky
Undoing the effect of loss on quantum entanglement
Nature Photonics 9, 764 - 768 (2015)

7. D. Hogg, D. W. Berry and A. I. Lvovsky
Efficiencies of quantum optical detectors
Physical Review A 90, 053846 (2014)