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FF:Qiandong Zhuang

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name : Qiandong Zhuang Sex: Male phone: 44 (0)1524 594198
email: office-address: Communication Building 708(Shahe Campus)
PH.D  Supervisor: Yes Master Supervisor: Yes
major: Ph.D:Physics
research interst: Subwavelength Optics and Applications, Functional Nanostructures and Physical Properties, Quantum Optics
Biography: Q. D. Zhuang gained his Ph.D from the Institute of Semiconductors , Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1999 for research into the Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) growth of low-dimensional compound semiconductors and the applications for infrared optoelectronics. Since then he worked at the Singapore Nanyang Technological University as a Research Fellow to investigate InAs/GaAs quantum dots photodetectors and lasers. In 2001, he joined MBE group at the University of Glasgow to exclusively exploit a new class semiconductor of dilute nitride for telecom VCSELs. During the time at the Univesity of Glasgow, he was also responsible for supplying wide range of high quality epitaxial wafers to commercial customers. He joined the Physics Department at Lancaster University in 2003 where he established the MBE Laboratory and has been leading the MBE-related research activities in the group of Semiconductor Physics and Nanostructures.
Education experience: PHD                              1999          Institute of Semiconductors , Chinese Academy of Sciences
Research Fellow            1999-2001 Singapore Nanyang Technological University
Postdoctoral                  2001-2003  MBE group at the University of Glasgow
Associate Professor       2003-          Physics Department at Lancaster University 
Selected Publications: 1.InSb-based quantum dot nanostructures for mid-infrared photonic devices
Carrington, P.J., Repiso Menendez, E., Lu, Q., Fujita, H., Marshall, A.R.J., Zhuang, Q., Krier, A. 16/09/2016 In: Proceedings of SPIE. 9919
2.Atomic-column scanning transmission electron microscopy analysis of misfit dislocations in GaSb/GaAs quantum dots
3.Fernández-Delgado, N., Herrera, M., Chisholm, M.F., Ahmad Kamarudin, M., Zhuang, Q., Hayne, M., Molina, S.I. 08/2016 In: Journal of Materials Science. 51, 16, p. 7691-7698. 8 p.
4.Effect of an in-situ thermal annealing on the structural properties of self-assembled GaSb/GaAs quantum dots
Fernández-Delgado, N., Herrera, M., Chisholm, M.F., Ahmad Kamarudin, M., Zhuang, Q., Hayne, M., Molina, S.I. 22/04/2016 In: Applied Surface Science.
5.The influence of nitrogen and antimony on the optical quality of InNAs(Sb) alloys
Latkowska, M., Baranowski, M., Linhart, W.M., Janiaka, F., Misiewicz, J., Segercrantz, N., Tuomisto, F., Zhuang, Q., Krier, A., Kudrawiec, R. 11/02/2016 In: Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics. 49, 11, 7 p.
6.GaSb quantum rings in GaAs/AlxGa1−xAs quantum wells
Hodgson, P., Hayne, M., Robson, A., Zhuang, Q., Danos, E. 28/01/2016 In: Journal of Applied Physics. 119, 4, 7 p.
Journal article
7.Peculiarities of the hydrogenated In(AsN) alloy
Birindelli, S., Kesaria, M., Giubertoni, D., Pettinari, G., Velichko, A., Zhuang, Q., Krier, A., Patane, A., Polimeni, A., Capizzi, M. 14/09/2015 In: Semiconductor Science and Technology. 30, p. 105030. 10 p.
8.Sb-induced phase control of  InAsSb nanowires grown by molecular beam epitaxy
Q. D. Zhuang, Ezekiel A. Anyebe, R. Chen, H. Liu, Ana M. Sanchez, Mohana K. Rajpalke, Tim D. Veal, Z. M. Wang, Y. Z. Huang, and H. D. Sun   Nano Letters, Article ASAP, 2015
9.Surfactant effect of antimony addition to the morphology of self-catalyzed InAs1-xSbx nanowires
E. A. Anyebe, M. K. Rajpalke, T. D. Veal, C. J. Jin, Z. M. Wang, Q. D. Zhuang  Nano Research, 1, 2014