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MCE:Dawei Gong

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name : Dawei Gong Sex: male phone: 18380403199
email: office-address: c1-516,Qingshuihe Campus No.2006,Xiyuan Ave,West Hi-Tech Zone Chengdu,Sichuan,P.R.China
PH.D  Supervisor: No Master Supervisor: Yes
major: Machanical Engineering
research interst: 06 Intelligent mechatronic system and optoelectronic integration;09 Detection, control and automation of manufacturing equipment
Biography: Dawei Gong was born in Jilin Province, China, in 1981.  He is currently an Associate Professor with the Mechatronics Engineering of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. His current research interests include chaos control and chaos synchronization, robot, neural netowrks, complex networks, fuzzy modeling and control. He has published over 20 journal papers and serves as a very active reviewer for many international journals. 
Education experience: 2008.09~2012.11         Ph.d                Control Theory and Control Engineering       Northeastern University
2005.09~2008.07         Master            Power System and its Automation              Northeastern University
2001.09~2005.07         Bachelor          Applied Physics                                     Shenyang University of Technology
Selected Publications: (1)Dawei Gong*, Huaguang Zhang, Zhanshan Wang, Bonan Huang, New global synchronization analysis for complex networks with coupling delay based on a useful inequality. Neural Computing and Applications, 2013, 22: 205-210.
(2)Dawei Gong*, Huaguang Zhang, Zhanshan Wang, Novel Stability and Stabilization Criteria for T-S Fuzzy Time-Delay Systems, Chinese Physics B. 2012, 21(3): 030204.
(3)Dawei Gong*, Huaguang Zhang, Zhanshan Wang and Bonan Huang, Novel synchronization analysis for complex networks with hybrid coupling by handling multitude kronecker product terms, Neurocomputing, 2012, 82(1): 14-20.
(4)Dawei Gong*, Huaguang Zhang, Zhanshan Wang, Pinning synchronization for a general complex networks with multiple time-varying coupling delays, Neuro Processing Letters, 2012, 35: 221-231.
(5)Dawei Gong*, Huaguang Zhang, Jinhai Liu, Synchronization analysis for complex networks with coupling delay based on T-S fuzzy theory, Applied Mathematical Modelling, 2012, 36(12): 6215-6224.
(6)Dawei Gong*, Jinhai Liu, Chaotic Synchronization for coupled neural networks based on T-S fuzzy theory, International Journal of Systems Science,  2015,46(4):681-689.                                                                                                       (7)Gong Dawei*, Du, Li; Wang, Peng; Duan, Yu. Research of Bionic Quadruped Robot Dynamic Gait Control Strategy Based on Twenty Degrees of Freedom. IEEE/CAA Journal of Automatica Sinica