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EE: Zhong Renbin

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name : Zhong Renbin Sex: Femal phone: +86,13678051788
email: office-address: Room428,YiFu Buliding, Shahe
PH.D  Supervisor: No Master Supervisor: Yes
major: Electronic Science and Technology
research interst: Electronic Science and Technology
2003-2013:  Lecturer , University of Electronic Science and Technology of  China
2013- present: associate professor, University of Electronic Science and Technology of  China
Education experience: 2003,6, Graduated from Southwest Jiaotong University, Master Degree
2012, 6  Graduated from University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Doctor Degree
2016, Research Fellow, City University of Hongkong
Selected Publications: 1. R Zhong ,C Yu ,M Hu ,S Liu. Surface plasmon polaritons light radiation source with asymmetrical structure. AIP Advances , 2018 , 8 (1) :015327
2. R Zhong ,H Ding ,Y Liu ,S Liu. A kind of compact ultra-broad bandpass planar terahertz filter. Science China Information Science. 2018 , 61 (6) :069401
3. Yan Liu, Renbin Zhong*, Zhen Lian, Chen Bu & Shenggang Liu.  Dynamically tunable band stop filter enabled by the metal-graphene metamaterials. Scientific Reports. 2018 8:2828
4. Renbin Zhong, Weihao Liu, Jun Zhou and Shenggang Liu. On the surface plasmon wave propagation along single metal wire. Chinese Physics B, 11(21):117303(1-9),  2012
5. Renbin Zhong, Jun Zhou, Weihao Liu, Shenggang Liu. Theoretical investigation of a terahertz transmission line in bipolar coordinate system. SCIENCE CHINA Information Sciences. 55(1):35-42, 2012
6. Renbin Zhong; Weihao Liu; Jun Zhou; Shenggang Liu. Study on the transmission characteristics of metal wire. 37th International Conference on IRMMW-THz, 2012
7. Renbin Zhong, Jun Zhou, Shenggang Liu. Research development of terahertz waveguides. Journal of university of electronic science and technology of China. 41(2):247-252,  2012
8. Renbin Zhong; Jun Zhou; Weihao Liu; Shenggang Liu. Study of mimicking surface plasmon terahertz transmission line with gradually changed geometric parameters.40(9):1735-1739, 2012
9. Zhong Renbin, Hu Min, Zhang Yaxin and Liu Shenggang. Theoretical study on dual-wire waveguide. 34th International Conference on IRMMW-THz, 2009