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Research Institute Electronic Science and Technology


1.History and Timeline

2003—Research Institute Electronic Science and Technology is formally established.

2009—Well-known research institution in china is established in attempt to achieve.

2.Scientific Research

1)Main Research Fields and Directions

LTCC Materials and Device Technology

Ferrite Materials and Device Technology

Microwave Millimeter-wave Circuits and Devices

Millimeter-wave Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits

Digital Hybrid Film Integrated Circuit Design

System on Chip (SOC) Design

Avionics Systems and Technology

Airborne Electronic Information Systems

Communications Systems

Radar Systems Technology

Integration of Radar Communications

Navigation and Control in General

Software Engineering

Software Testing

Automatic Test System

2)Labs and Research Centers

Integrated Electronic Systems Lab

High-density packaging devices Sichuan Engineering Technology Center

R & D Department of National Information Security Engineering Center

Sichuan SIP Engineering Technology Center

TEDC & UESTC Joint Lab


National Factory 783 & UESTC Joint Lab

Ningbo Institute

3.Contact us

Dean TIAN Zhong

General Office

Tel:+86 28 61831119

——Degree Programs——

1. Undergraduate Program


2. Master Programs

English Instructed


Chinese Instructed

Signal and Information Processing

Electronics and Communication Engineering

Communication and Information System

Optical Engineering

Microelectronics and Solid-State Electronics

Electronic Science and Technology

Electromagnetic Field and Radio Technology

Circuit and System

Computer Application Technology

Computer Technology

Computer Science and Technology

3. Ph. D. Programs



(N/A for international students)




Electronic Science and Technology

LIAO Jiaxuan

Microelectronics and Solid Electronics

ZENG Zhiyi

Circuits and Systems

TIAN Zhong

Electromagnetic Fields and Microwave Technology

LUO Yonglun

JIN Long

Signal and Information Processing


ZHANG Shunsheng

CAO Jianshu

Applied Computer Technology

LI Yichao

Computer Technology

All faculties members

Electronics and Communication Engineering

All faculties members

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