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Provisional Acceptance Letter for International Student留学生导师接收函

Click here to download the Provisional Acceptance Form for International Student. 请点击此处下载留学生导师接收函

Please click here to contact the available schools and professors. 请点击此处联系学院和导师

NOTE 注意事项:

★ 1. This form is filled by professors (supervisors) of UESTC according to their knowledge of the applicant.

★ 1. 本表由电子科技大学的教授(导师)根据自己对申请人的了解而填写;

2. It cannot be used as an official letter of admission from UESTC but can be taken as a supplementary part of the application materials for the study at UESTC;

★ 2. 导师接收函不可视为电子科技大学的正式录取函,但可作为电子科技大学留学申请材料里的补充材料提交;

3. For Ph.D programs, it is NECESSARY to get the acceptance letter from the supervisor in UESTC, otherwise the application will be invalid. 

★ 3. 若要申请博士生项目,申请人必须提前取得电子科技大学教授的导师接收函,否则申请无效;

4. For Master programs, it is highly suggested (NECESSARY for certain schools) to get the acceptance letter from the supervisor in UESTC.

★ 4. 若要申请硕士生项目,强烈建议(尤其是个别学院)提前取得电子科技大学导师的接收函;

5. The signature of the supervisor on the Provisional Acceptance Form should be in Chinese;

★ 5. 导师接收函上的导师签名必须是中文签名

6. The applicant needs to contact the admission coordinators or the professors directly.

★ 6. 申请人需要直接联系招生协调老师或教授;

★ 7. If the admission coordinators or the professors didn't reply to your email, it maybe the following reason:

(1) the student seats of the school or the professors are full, please try to find another;

(2) you have sent email to professors without stating the clear vision of your study plan, research interests and research proposal;

(3) your academic performance (GPA, publications, etc.) or research proposal did not meet the requirements of the school or the professors based on their own criteria;

(4) you have sent group emails to too many professors, which is an impolite behaviour to the professor;

(5) your email might be filtered to the SPAM box, please re-send the email by changing another email box.

★ 7. 若招生协调老师或教授未及时回复你的邮件,可能是因为:

(1) 这个学院或教授的招生名额已满,请另行申请;

(2) 你发给教授的邮件中,没有明确阐述你的学习计划、研究兴趣和研究计划;

(3) 你的学业成绩(GPA、发表成果等)或研究计划不满足学院或教授基于自身标准提出的要求

(4) 你一次性给多位教授群发邮件,这是不礼貌的

(5) 你的邮件可能被过滤转进了垃圾箱,请换一个邮箱帐号重新发送。

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