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【Undergraduate】重新学习报名通知Arrangements for retaking course registration and selection

Dear all undergraduate students,

  重新学习报名时间为第 1 周周一(2月24日)到周五 12 点,在教务系统中按常规方式进行网上报名;2020 年 3 月 3 日 9 时开始选课缴费。部分学生缓补考成绩未出,可先进行报名缴费,待缓补考后再决定是否退课退费。

Restudy registration still starts from Monday(24th, Feb) to Friday 12:00 in the first week. Online registration is available in the educational administration system as usual. Course selection and Payment for the courses will begin at 9: 00 on March 3rd, 2020. If you fail to get the results of the make-up and deferred examination, you may also sign up and pay the tuition, and then decide whether to dropout the course and refundthe tuition fee after the examination.


The restudy lessons are given in one form: following the regular classes.

The courses will be offered online in the beginning of this semester, and teachers are ready for online teaching.

In principle, the courses not offered in this semester will not be arranged for retaking.


Please find the attachment about the online operation manual for registration and selection.

                                                           School of International Education


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