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Academic Notice
【Graudate】Message from the Graduate School on the Courses Evaluation

Dear International Graduate students,

Postgraduate evaluation system provides effective feedback for teachers to continuously improve their teaching skill. It is also an important way for schools to know the quality of teaching. The online teaching evaluation for the 2019-2020-2 semester has begun.

Please be serious and responsible to the evaluation of instructors, and complete the evaluation objectively and fairly.

1. Operation Steps

Open the information portal of UESTC:, enter the user name (student number) and password to log in. Click the "Graduate System" icon on the right to enter the graduate management information system, and click "Teaching Evaluation" to evaluate the teaching.

2. Evaluation Deadline

July 10, 2020 (Friday of the 20th week of the school calendar).

3. Notice

(1) This online evaluation is anonymous, your personal information will not be shown on the results.

(2) Please complete this evaluation within the deadline. You would not be able to check the examination schedule unless the evaluation is finished.

Graduate School


April 26, 2020

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