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Hiroase Yukihiko from Kyushu University and National Special Expert Cheng Hansong Employed as Agreement Professors

On the morning of January 14th, two renowned professors visited UESTC and were employed as agreement professors. They are: Professor Hirohiko Hiroase, CEO and chief adviser of HyWealth Co., professor of the International Institute of Carbon Neutral Energy, Kyushu University, Japan, and Professor Cheng Hansong, national specially appointed expert from China University of Geosciences (Wuhan). President Zeng Yong met with the guests at Qingshuihe campus and issued letters of appointment to the two professors.


Zeng Yong welcomed Professor Hirohiko Hiroase and Professor Cheng Hansong. He said that the two professors are both accomplished experts in the field of hydrogen energy and have achieved much breakthrough in the basic research and industrial transformation of hydrogen energy. Zeng showed that UESTC was fairly influential in high-tech researches, boasting a galaxy of outstanding talents in the field of hydrogen energy. The cooperation between the university and the two experts would be carried out on a long term basis, and much endeavor would be made in terms of team organization and platform construction. To jointly promote the development of research in hydrogen energy both nationally and internationally, cooperation should be implemented via the optimization of resource allocation. In engineering education, the university was also constantly strengthening the education of engineering and society as well as environment. It was expected that the engineering and technical elites trained by the university take advantage of innovative engineering technologies to benefit the society and improve global environment, thus they would become the innovation leaders of the industry and society.

Professor Hirohiko Hiroase said that a few years ago, researches on hydrogen energy were not popular, but with the shift in government policy, such researches had caught the hot spot. He showed that in the future, hydrogen energy would become the major energy system globally, which could benefit the next generations, and he would dedicate himself to the cooperation with UESTC.

Cheng Hansong extended his gratitude to the university for the hospitable reception, saying that hydrogen energy-related research had become a major research topic in the energy field, and much effort should be made in both basic and applied researches. He hoped that certain hydrogen energy projects be implemented for the contributions to society, the country and the world through cooperation with UESTC.

Representatives of relevant scientific research teams from the School of Materials and Energy, School of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and relevant leaders of the Department of Human Resources, the Office of Scientific Research and Development, and the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange were also present.

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Hirohiko Hiroase, known as the founding father of hydrogen energy and fuel cell automobiles, has been the driving force of Toyota's various innovative technologies. Since joining Toyota Motor Industry (later renamed as Toyota) in 1981, Dr. Hirohiko Hiroase has been working on the front line of Toyota's latest development of technology. He played an important role in the global deployment of hybrid electric vehicles and led the promotion of hydrogen and hydrogen infrastructure. Moreoverhe has established the strategic orientation for the development of Toyota's new technology. and made a fundamental contribution to the application and development of hydrogen technology in the field of transportation. Meanwhile, he was also the initiator of a number of industry-government cooperative projects.

Cheng Hansong graduated from Princeton University in 1992 with a doctorate. He was a researcher in Air Products & Chemicals and the Hydrogen Adsorption Materials Research Center of the Department of Energy in the United States. Since returning to work in China in 2009, Professor Cheng Hansong has led the academic team of the sustainable energy laboratory of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) to achieve fruitful results in various scientific researches, some of which have been commercialized. Professor Cheng Hansong was awarded the “2010 Special Contribution Award” by the U.S. Department of Energy for his excellent work in the research and development of hydrogen storage materials. The research and development on semiconductor led by him has created the commercial value of up to 70 million US dollars per year.

Translated by Xie Wenjuan, supervised by Long Mei.

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