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The Sino-foreign Cooperative Master's Degree Education Program between UESTC and ESIGELEC is Approved

Recently, the Ministry of Education announced the approved list of Sino-foreign cooperative education programs in the second half of 2019, and the Master of Science Degree Education Program on Electronic Embedded System Specialty jointly held by UESTC and ESIGELEC was in the list. This is the first time that UESTC has cooperated with a French elite college of engineering to run a master education program.

In this batch, totally 44 Sino-foreign cooperative education programs with bachelor's degree or above have been approved. From the perspective of education level, only 2 doctoral programs and 7 master programs are approved, and the rest are undergraduate programs.

Establishing Cooperative Relationship with Two-year Efforts

Since 2018, the two universities have been negotiating on the master talentscultivation program. In the past two years, in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Education, UESTC has conducted a lot of negotiations and consultations with ESIGELEC on school running mode, scale, training programs, curriculums, management and operation, operating pattern,faculty building and more.


Eventually, based on the existing cooperation in talents cultivation and scientific research, the two sides overcome the differences in management system and culture, and gradually reached an agreement on the Master of Science Degree Education Program on Electronic Embedded System Specialty. After two years of unremitting efforts, the programis finally approved by the Ministry of Education.

Joint Cultivation and Complementary Advantages

The program combines the advanced training ideas, teaching methods and resources of both sides in the field of Electronic Embedded System. During the first year, the students selected for this programwill complete the coursescollectively taught by Chinese and French teachers in the UESTC. During the second year, under the guidance of tutors on both sides, students will conduct enterprise practice and graduation dissertation defense. In the training program, about 30 credits of professional courses are from original French classic course resources which will be taught in English by French teachers. Students who have completed this programwill be awarded the Master of Science Degree by ESIGELEC. The program will set up scholarships to reward outstanding students. The biggest advantage of thisprogram is that students can enjoy the high-quality education resources from the French elite engineering college in China, and the master's degree obtained is recognized by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, which has built a high-grade platform for students to study abroad without going abroad.

The program is expected to start enrollment in 2020, with a two-year schooling and 70 people per session. The candidates must hold a bachelor's degree approved by the Ministry of Education, have good English basic skills, and pass the interview co-organized by UESTC and ESIGELEC.

Complying with Current Situation and Achieving an All-win Result

The School of Automation Engineering of UESTC and ESIGELE Chave a long-term cooperation foundation in talents cultivation, teachers exchange, scientific research and other aspects. Since 2015, UESTC has officially carried out short-term mutual visits and exchanges with ESIGELEC. At present, more than 60 UESTC teachers and students have participated in the short-term programs under the organization of schools.


With the increasing cooperation and exchange between China and Europe in economy, education and culture, the demand for deeply high-level education cooperation is becoming more and more urgent.This approved cooperative school running program is an important way for UESTC to introduce high-quality educational resources and advanced educational concepts, innovate the school running mode and improve talents cultivation quality, and it is also a significant action to support and promote the national education plan of the Belt and Road Initiative. What’s more,this programhas a positive effect on implementing the Opening-up Policy in education field, serving the needs of national strategic development and helping local economic construction.

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ESIGELEC, founded in 1901, with rich experience in education and research areas and about 2400 teachers and students, is a well-known French engineering college (University) and one of the oldest and largest engineering colleges in France. It is a typical elite education institution. The college is located inRouen, Normandy, France. The school has been fully recognized by France and CTI (the Engineer Position Committee of French Ministry of Education). ESIGELEC has conferred French engineering degree under the name of state since 1936.

ESIGELEC has been awarded the title of "The Best Hundred Engineering Colleges" by the French Ministry of Industry for its outstanding performance in the fields of courses, teaching methods and skills. This collage’s Institute of Electronic and Embedded Research and Development (IRSEEM) is also recognized by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research. With education, research, innovation and technology transfer as its three main tasks, ESIGELEC is now one of the best French engineeringcollages in the field of "Smart and Connected Systems". Electronic Embedded System is the traditional advantage specialty of ESIGELEC, which ranks firstin the French professional ranking.

Translated by Shu Hao, supervised by Long Mei.

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