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Heated Discussion about Xi's Reply to Letter from Pakistani Students Studying at USTB

On the afternoon of May 20th, university counselors and 21 representatives of international students and from Pakistan, Italy, Iraq, Morocco, Ethiopia, Ghana and other countries gathering at the School of International Education, jointly studied the spirit of Xi Jinping's reply to the letter from Pakistan students studying at University of Science and Technology Beijing (USTB).


At the meeting, Li Ye, Vice Dean of the School of International Education, conveyed the important spirit of General Secretary Xi's reply. Representatives of international students thanked the Chinese government and UESTC for their care and concern during the epidemic. They talked glowingly about President Xi Jinping's reply, and shared their impressions and understandings.

AFZAL MUHAMMAD, Pakistan doctoral student from the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering shared his personal experience. With the help of UESTC, his mood changed from panic to calm, and he also shared the scientific protection measures he learned from China with his family and friends far away in Pakistan. He expressed his heartfelt thanks to the Chinese government and UESTC for the prevention and control measures taken and the care and help given during the epidemic.

According to SHAH MUDASSIR, Pakistan postgraduate student from the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, he had a deeper understanding of the brotherhood between China and Pakistan after coming to China for study and gained more insight into the idiom, "True sentiments are seen in hard times", by witnessing the mutual help between the two countries during the epidemic. He believed that in the face of difficulties, we should work together to overcome the challenges and jointly build a better global home.

KUMAR JAY, Pakistani doctoral student from the School of Computer Science and Engineering, described how he felt about the online learning. Compared with the situation in other countries where students had to stop studying and go home due to the impact of the epidemic, he felt lucky to be able to study and live in China. President Xi's reply reflected that Chinese government attached much importance to international students. After returning to Pakistan, KUMAR JAY said he would actively spread Chinese culture to surrounding people and tell them the unity and fraternity shown by China in the fight against the epidemic.

ZULFIQAR HASAN, a Pakistan doctoral student form theSchool of Life Science and Technology, said that the Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)was a challenge to all mankind.Facing the rapid transmission and spread of COVID-19 in global area,China has basically controlled the epidemic situation by formulating and implementing strong preventive strategies. Now people could go back to streets to eat and shop, and the economy was recovering day by day, which was enough to prove the success of China's response to the epidemic. ZULFIQAR HASAN hoped that Chinese experience could bring confidence to successfully beat the epidemic and set a good example for other countries.


President Xi's reply to Pakistani students also attracted the attention of international students from other countries. GURUPIRA TAKUDZWA ESTHER A, Zimbabwean postgraduate student from the School of Public Affairs and Administration, would like to thank President Xi for his concern for foreign students, for all the Chinese government had done, and especially for the guidance and help of the School of International Education. She said that according to President Xi's reply, international students should communicate more with Chinese students. For international students, staying in China was a valuable chance to promote mutual understanding between China and the world and they should keep such a mission in mind, work hard together to promote world cooperation.

OPOKU-MENSAH EVANS, Ghanaian doctoral student from the School of Management and Economics, said that during the epidemic, thanks to the help from leaders and teachers of UESTC, he felt that the university was the safest place. At the same time, President Xi's reply left a deep impression on him and made him fully feel the care and expectation of the Chinese government for international students. During the period of studying in China, he had developed deep love for China and gradually understood the fundamental reason for China's great achievements in economy, society, and more lay in the strong and unity of the Chinese people. He hoped that he could get a better self-development under the internationalization and diversification of UESTC while diligently studying the professional knowledge.

Cai Mingjun, counselor in the Office of International Students’ Affair, said that General Secretary Xi's reply fully reflected that theCentral Committee of the Communist Party of China (CCCPC)put a high value on foreign students' education in China and its warm solicitude for international students, which pointed out the direction for our international student work and helped international student management stuff broaden horizons, let us further consider how to contribute to the construction ofOne Belt One Road anda Community of Shared Future for Mankind.

Finally, Di Aiying, Dean of the School of International Education said that as a teacher and cadre responsible for international students, she was inspired by the General Secretary's encouragement and care for international students. She thanked international students for following the epidemic management together with Chinese teachers and students in the past four months, overcoming various difficulties and continuing to complete the academic requirements. After outbreak ofCOVID-19, the Chinese government, university leaders, departments, and teachers are always concerned about the safety and study of all the international students, and provided comprehensive assistance to all of them to ensure the "Suspended Class, Ongoing Learning". Di encouraged everyone to share their experiences in China with their families and compatriots and welcomed more excellent international students to study in China and build a bridge of friendship together.

Translated by Shu Hao, supervised by Long Mei.

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