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[Graduation Season] The Forum for Representatives of Outstanding Graduates of 2020

On June 19th, UESTC held a forum for representatives of outstanding graduates of 2020. More than 30 outstanding graduate representatives from different colleges made exchanges and speeches around the theme of "patriotism by action and striving for dreams". They thanked UESTC for its training and care, and expressed that they would continue to carry forward UESTC's spirit of " to seek fact and truth, to be noble and ambitious" in their future work and study, as well as make their due contributions. Zeng Yong (President of UESTC), Yang Xiaobo, Shen Xiaorong, Hu Haoquan and other leaders of the school attended the discussion and sent best wishes to the graduates. Shen Xiaorong presided over the forum.




Students have gained a lot during the four years and are full of gratitude to UESTC. Wang Dehui, a doctoral student of the Institute of Fundamental and Frontier Sciences, reviewed his growth in UESTC, shared hardships and joys of studying and publishing papers in Nature, and said that he would teach in UESTC and continue to climb the peak of science. Xu Guangjia, an undergraduate of the School of Automation Engineering, shared his experience as president of the Creator Center, of participating in the NXP National Students Intelligence Car Race and winning national awards, as well as his experience of taking the initiative to consult teachers and seniors in the teaching and research office, and expressed his gratitude to the school for giving him the opportunity to exercise and make progresses. Liu Xiyi, an undergraduate from the School of Life Science and Technology, thanked UESTC for giving her the opportunity to participate in the iGEM and won the gold award, and thanked her teacher for leading her on the academic path. After graduation, she will go to Peking University for a 5 year PhD program. She said that she would continue to explore the mysteries of life. Wu Yaxi, an undergraduate from the School of Foreign Languages, won the first prize in National College Students Teaching Ideological and Political Courses in October 2019. After graduation, she will go to Nanjing University for postgraduate studies. She thanked the school for allowing her to grow up and said she would continue to work hard to tell good stories about UESTC and China. Zhang Rui (OPATA CHRISTIAN NARH), an international student of the School of Management and Economics, said that under the careful guidance of his teachers, his academic ability has been greatly improved as he has published five SCI and EI papers. UESTC has taught him how to pursue scientific research and explore the unknown. After graduation, he will teach in his homeland-Ghana, but no matter where he is, UESTC will always be his spiritual home.


Many students with dreams choose to go to key institutions of national defense or grass-roots units to gain achievements after graduation. Gao Xiang, an undergraduate of the School of Electronic Science and Engineering, named one of excellent graduates of Sichuan Province, will go to the Academy of Military Sciences for postgraduate studies. He said that as the instructor of the last national defense student at battalion and company levels, he was particularly grateful for the school's vigorous training of national defense students. In the future journey, he will carry forward the spirit of "to seek fact and truth, to be noble and ambitious" and make his own contributions to national defense construction. Han Yi, a doctoral student of the School of Electronic Science and Engineering, chooses to work as a selected graduate in the Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province. He shared his experience and deep understanding of working at the grass-roots level, and expressed that he would closely combine his personal destiny with the fate of the country, promoting the development and progress of the local economy and science and technology. Fan Shuai, a doctoral student of the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (SMEE), shared his experience and understanding as an commissary of the doctoral Party branch of the SMEE. He said that in the past few years, his Party spirit has been greatly improved, and he has a deeper understanding of the importance of rejuvenating the country through science and education. After graduation, he will teach in a university in Sichuan to train more outstanding talents for the country.

During the discussion, students put forward suggestions on the construction and development of the school in the light of their life and study in UESTC, to whom the school leaders and heads of Student Affairs Department of Party Committee, Office of Academic Affairs, Graduate School, and Office of International Cooperation and Exchange responded.


Yang Xiaobo, Vice President of UESTC, sent his wishes to the students that they should "follow appropriate people", "do right thing", "read more", and "be able to insistent", and that the students bear in mind the beauty of UESTC and feed back their opinions on school, keep in close contact with the alumni association so that UESTC will become the spiritual home of students for life.


Shen Xiaorong, Deputy Secretary of UESTC, hoped that students are brimming with youthful vitality forever, and continue to carry forward the spirit of UESTC, shoulder the mission of the times, and realize the dream of youth. No matter where students go, UESTC will always be the home of them. She hope graduates often go home in the future.


Hu Haoquan, Vice President of UESTC, was grateful to students for their love and care for the school. Graduation is a new starting point in life for students. He hoped that students concern the country and make greater achievements in the future, and continue to pay attention to and support the development of the school.


Zeng Yong, President of UESTC, congratulated graduates on the successful completion of their studies. He said that they have spent a good time in UESTC, and have been deeply marked with the brand of UESTC. He hoped that everyone keep excellent habits forever, so that the spirit of UESTC can be passed on and carried forward by students. There is still a long way to go in life, so everyone should not give up easily in the future struggle, learn to stand at a higher level and look at the problem from a broader perspective. Only in this way can they walk on the road of pursuing dreams at leisure. At the same time, students should maintain kind and conscientious, have a sense of social responsibility, and cultivate a sense of patriotism. Zeng Yong sent his words to graduates that they should, like the academician Lin Weigan, the "father of Chinese microwave", aiming to be a graduate student for a lifetime", maintain the good habit of lifelong learning, and strive to improve their ability of independent thinking and communication. In addition, students should engage in one or two lifelong favorite sports to develop the habit of exercise all the life, strive to increase the interest of life after work, and obtain a happy family and life.




Translated by Huang Ping, supervised by Liao Min.

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