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Tian Xiangli Visited UESTC for Investigation

On June 20, Tian Xiangli, member of the Standing Committee of Sichuan Provincial Party Committee, Minister of the United Front and Chairman of All-Sichuan Federation of Trade Unions, visited UESTC for investigation, accompanied by Li Jiang, Secretary of Education Working Committee of Sichuan Provincial Party Committee, Party Secretary and Director of Education Department, Xu Chun, Party Secretary and Vice Chairman of All-Sichuan Federation of Trade Unions, Li Guogui, Deputy Secretary of Education Working Committee of Sichuan Provincial Party Committee and Member of Education Department, Miao Yong, Party Member and Vice Chairman of All-Sichuan Federation of Trade Unions, Wang Yafei, Party Secretary of UESTC, Zeng Yong, President of UESTC, Yang Xiaobo, Vice President of UESTC, and Jin Min, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of UESTC and Jin Min, chairman of the school trade union.


At the National Engineering Research Center of Electromagnetic Radiation Control Materials, Professor Deng Longjiang, Director of the Center, introduced the research and development background, technical principles, performance indicators and application scenarios of various components, materials and systems to Tian Xiangli and his entourage. Deng also added that UESTC made active exploration and, in meeting major needs of China and finding critical solutions on the key areas, gained great achievements. Tian Xiangli fully affirmed the contributions made by science and technology falcuty in UESTC to the progress of national electronic information technology and regional economic development by closely integrating with the development of the industry, persisting in serving the major needs of China, and devoting themselves to scientific research. He encouraged everyone to make persistent efforts to make good use of electronic information technology, enhance scientific research ability of universities, and make further achievements in national scientific and technological development, national economic development and national defense modernization.


In the "Home for Falcuty and Staff" of Labor Union, UESTC, Tian Xiangli visited the Health Care Center, Yunshuting, a multifunctional activity room, Qingmozhai, a venue for meeting, and Sifang Teahouse, and learned in detail about the specific measures taken by Trade Union for the physical and mental health of teachers and staff, and the construction of staff culture position. The“Home for Falcuty and Staff”, awarded by the All-China Federation of Trade Unions as“Model Workers’Home”and“Top Ten Model Workers’Home”, made great effort to make school staff fell at home. In addition to setting up various cultural and sports associations to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the faculty and staff, the Home for Falcuty and Staff also makes purchase of health risk assessment equipment, ultrasonic anthropometry to help teachers and staff to know their health status timely and accurately. Tian Xiangli spoke highly of the achievements ofUESTC Labor Union. She said that the “Home for Falcuty and Staff”, by meeting the specific needs of both the faculty and staff, serves as “energy house” and “gas station”. She hoped that Trade Union of UESTC could pursue better construction for such “warm place” and make good use of it to provide better service for the development of UESTC and its staff.

Wang Yafei and Zeng Yong, on behalf of UESTC, thanked Sichuan Provincial Party Committee and hte Provincial Government for their concern, support and help for the development of UESTC for a long time, and reported the history of UESTC and the construction of double-first class to them. They said that UESTC is committed to serving the major needs of China, making the electronic information and national defense research more distinctive and advantageous, constantly optimizing the discipline ecology, and striving to offer better service for the development of local economy and society. UESTC continuously promotes the construction of a harmonious campus, works hard in areas that UESTC considers, employees expect and areas that Trade Unions can make a difference, provides accurate services, improves quality and efficiency, strengthens cooperation and forms joint forces so as to solve issues worrying the faculty and staff, enhances the happiness and sense of gain in study, work and life, creates a positive and promising campus atmosphere, and eventually promotes the rapid development of UESTC. UESTC will promote the construction of double-first class with specialty and high quality and contribute to the further prosperity of Sichuan with its wisdom and power.

Translated by Zeng Xiaoyan, supervised by Long Mei.

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