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Prof. Zeng Yong's 2020 Commencement Address: Universal Love, Great Virtue, Broadmind

On June 28, the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (hereinafter referred to as UESTC) held a grand graduation ceremony for the Year 2020 graduates. Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, this graduation ceremony was held "on the cloud". The offline ceremony was held in the atrium on the first floor of the Qingshuihe Campus library. The Weibo of People's Daily and other 10 online platforms broadcast the ceremony synchronously, and more than 8600 Year 2020 graduates gathered online to witness this critical moment of their college life.


On the eremony, Prof. Zeng Yong, President of UESTC, made a speech entitled Universal Love, Great Virtue, and Broadmind to address the Year 2020 graduates.


Dear students,

Hello! This is the Year 2020 Commencement. On behalf of the University and the Party Secretary Wang Yafei, I'm honored to extend the warmest congratulations and best wishes to you and extend great respect and heartfelt gratitude to the faculty, your relatives and friends who were dedicated to your growth and cultivation.

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, the beautiful campus is much quieter than usual, and the atmosphere of the graduation season is somewhat weakened. Unable to come to the ceremony, most students can only watch it online. This graduation season is unprecedented, yet it has created a stronger bond between you and your alma mater. Students present at the ceremony are wearing masks, but your youthful faces are full of attachment for UESTC. Dear students, you are about to leave UESTC for a new journey of your life, carrying forward the philosophy of "being realistic and broadminded". On this occasion of parting, I'd like to share with you three pieces of advice.

First, please elevate your life altitude with universal love.

At the beginning of 2020, the COVID-19 epidemic struck our nation, triggering the concern of hundreds of millions of us. Under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee, 1.4 billion Chinese people are willing to share weal and woe, care for and help each other, and join hands to fight against the epidemic. Major strategic achievements have been made in the prevention and control of it. The epidemic is merciless but universal love can bring great relief. To fight against the epidemic, many people risked their lives and were reputed as the "most beautiful fighters", spreading universal love in the world. Among them, there are also many students of UESTC who played an active role in working as volunteers, publicizing epidemic prevention, raising charity funds, and pooling materials. Huang Shan, a post-90s doctoral student from the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, is also the founder of a service-based robot company. On the first day of the Lunar New year, he took the initiative to donate and install a number of intelligent robots to some hospitals in Chengdu together with his fellows, making scientific and technological contributions to the fight against the epidemic. the medical staff of 107 members from our three affiliated hospitals, namely, the Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital, Sichuan Cancer Hospital and Chengdu Women's and Children's Central Hospital, traveled thousands of miles to the front line of Wuhan. They worked more than ten hours a day to treat patients, working against the clock and fighting against the disease. One of them was Mr. Yang Yong, associate professor of the School of Medicine. As soon as he got off work from the mobile cabin hospital, he set about giving online courses to his students, vividly embodying the benevolence of doctors and the duty of teachers. Li Yuelong, a Year 1997 alumnus, sacrificed his life in the fight against the epidemic. To help the construction of the Xiaotangshan Hospital in Longyan, Fujian Province, he worked for five consecutive days in the front line of epidemic prevention and control. Then he suffered a sudden myocardial infarction and passed away while on duty. He was just 42 years old then. Despite his death, his universal love will last forever and encourage us to work hard. Dear students, you should not only love yourselves, your family, classmates and friends, but also the motherland and the general public, just as the saying goes, "Take care of the elderly and the young both in your own family and others'". Whether it is during the time of SARS, the Wenchuan earthquake, or the COVID-19 epidemic, boundless love is enough to overcome difficulties and bring relief. Just as the saying goes, "If everybody is willing to care for others, the world will be a delightful Eden."

Second, please cultivate great virtue and enrich your life.

Since ancient times, China has been in favor of the "three immortal" doctrines, that is, cultivating virtues, rendering meritorious services and expounding ideas through writing. Virtue comes the first, so it can be seen that virtue is the foundation of one's moral integrity, proper deeds and good education. As is known to all, the first sentence of Great Learning from The Book of Rites is "The central claim of great learning lies in the manifestation of great virtue." This is also in line with the "moral cultivation" and "all-round development of moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetics and labor education" that we advocate today. Here, let me tell you the story of Academician Chen Xingbi. Born in the old days, he was forced to flee Shanghai to Chongqing with his parents when he was about 6 years old. Living a vagrant life since childhood, he made a resolution to serve the country by contributing to scientific progress since he believed that the development of science and education was indispensable to national revitalization. When he was in college, he was willing to give up the scholarship so as to do his bit in reducing national budget. When filling out the form for vocational assignment, he seriously put in each column "obey the assignment" and earnestly showed his preference for the northeast, the northwest, and other remote regions with harsh conditions. At the age of 50, Mr. Chen went abroad for further education in science and technology. He worked hard in the field of power devices, taking painstaking efforts to contribute to scientific and technological progress for decades. He is reputed as the pioneer of power semiconductor devices in China, which marks his successful career. Wearing the same sweater for even 20 years, Mr. Chen lived a simple life, but he had made a decision to donate all his assets after his death to support the young scholars who are engaged in scientific research. Dear students, from Mr. Chen's story, it can be known that great virtue is an indispensable merit that everyone should develop. It is the first priority of our life and the prerequisite for career success. What's the definition of great virtue? General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that it refers to the determination to serve the country and the people. 109 years ago, Premier Zhou Enlai made a resolution to "be educated for the rise of China" when he was young and strived for it all his life. Dear students, you have witnessed the accomplishment of the first Centenary Goal, and now you serve as the new drivers for the implementation of the second Centenary Goal as well as the obligation of a building China into a powerful socialist modern country. Consequently, you are duty-bound to make unremitting efforts and strive for the realization of Chinese Dream.

Third, please be broadminded and make greater contributions during your lifetime.

What's the definition of a broad mind? According to the Modern Chinese Dictionary, it is a state of mind that involves certain emotions. A broad mind refers to a noble state of mind, interest and ambition. It is frequently used to describe the character of a person. Mr. Zhao Bing, a teacher from the School of Automation Engineering, is a typical post-90s with a broad mind. Born in an ordinary peasant family in Henan Province, he worked as a counselor here after his graduation 2015. In 2016, Mr. Zhao Bing was appointed as the first secretary of Tashan Village in Guizhou Province. At the end of his two-year tenure, he applied for an extension and promised that he would never resign before the village is out of poverty. In March 2020, it was again the time for his departure, however, to fulfill his promise, he applied for an extension for another year, determined to win both of the fights against the COVID-19 epidemic and poverty. Born and raised in the countryside, Mr. Zhao Bing has an inherent sense of closeness and responsibility in the countryside and a deep feeling for the countryside, agriculture and peasants. He adopted the model of "Party branch plus capable people" to cultivate promising leaders who could take the lead in progressing toward prosperity. Meanwhile, he invigorated pig and beef breeding, giving full play to the UESTC discipline advantages in the field of electronic information. Thanks to his endeavor, a standardized and intelligent pig farm with an annual profit of nearly 3 million yuan was built, increasing the income of 500 poor households in nine villages. Dear students, Mr. Zhao Bing, who becomes swarthy like a local farmer, has been fighting against poverty for more than four years. He has epitomized the social responsibility of young people in the new era with practical actions, which is the very symbol of a broad mind. We are also pleased to find that more and more students choose to work in less-developed regions nationwide. This year, more than 700 outstanding graduates have offered to get employed in a few key units of national defense, and more than 10 have signed CNNC-404, while another 175 graduates have offered to be assigned to work at the grass-roots level in Guizhou, Shaanxi, Guangxi provinces and other underdeveloped regions. A broad mind can ensure a meaningful life. In the context of the new era, you are supposed to be realistic and broadminded so as to make contributions to the country, the people, and society. As a result, you will be able to dedicate your youth to the needs of the Party and the general public.

Dear students, that is all I'd like to impart to you on this occasion. I hope that you will be pioneers of this new era under the guidance of universal love, great virtue, and a broadmind, and you are going to enrich your life and embrace the brightest future.

Dear students, I'm sure you have heard the adapted version of the song "The Fleet of Time" released in the UESTC WeChat official account. It is quite popular in WeChat moments, and there is an inspiring piece of the lyrics: "Never impose any limit on your life when there are various opportunities. Just go ahead while staying true to your original aspirations." I hope that you will return to UESTC whenever you have spare time since the beautiful University embodies our shared sense of belonging. UESTC will miss you always! Congratulations on your graduation! Wish you the brightest future!

Thank you!





Students taking photos with the President

Translated by Xie Wenjuan, supervised by Long Mei.


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