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The Top 1% ESI Subjects of UESTC Increased to 9

According to the latest ESI data on July 9th, 2020, the UESTC subject, Clinical Medicine, has entered the ESI top 1% for the first time, becoming the the ninth subject which entered the top 1% of ESI. The others are Engineering, Material Science, Physics, Computer Science, Chemistry, Neuroscience and Behavior, Biology and Biochemistry and Mathematics.

The ESI data released this time covers the period from January 1st, 2010 to April 30th , 2020. There are a total of 4,574 institutions whose Clinical Medicine entered the top 1% of ESI around the world. The Clinical Medicine of UESTC ranked 4,546, with a percentage ranking of 99.39%.


In addition, according to the latest ESI statistics, Engineering and Computer Science of UESTC ranked 56th and 32nd in the world, which are within the top 0.35‰ and 0.64‰ of ESI respectively. Material Science, Chemistry, Physics, Neuroscience and Behavior, Biology and Biochemistry, and Mathematics ranked 185th, 644th, 441th, 558th, 682nd and 141st respectively, which are within the top 1.962‰, 4.853‰, 5.935‰, 6.085‰, 6.178‰ and 5.303‰ of ESI respectively.

Translated by Fan Zhaojun, supervised by Liao Min.

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