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Grand Opening Ceremony for Year 2020 Postgraduates in UESTC

On September 6th, there was a grand opening ceremony for the year 2020 postgraduates in UESTC, including 655 PhD program students, 6086 master program students, and 190 international students for masters' or doctors' degrees. The opening ceremony, under the requirement of epidemic prevention and control, was held at the stadium instead of the gymnasium in Qingshuihe campus, and its branch venues were set up in both Shahe Campus and the Institute of Advanced Studies of UESTC (Shenzhen) through a combination of online and offline methods.


The opening ceremony, presided over by Shen Xiaorong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, enjoyed a large number of university leaders, including Wang Yafei, Secretary of the Party committee of the University, Zeng Yong, President, Xiong Caidong, Yang Xiaobo, Shen Xiaorong, Hu Haoquan, Peng Lan, Jin Min, Xu Hongbing, Hu Jun and other leaders, Peng Xinshi, Party Construction Liaison of Colleges and Universities directly under the Ministry of Education, heads of all colleges and functional departments, as well as all year 2020 postgraduates.


In his speech, Zeng Yong, on behalf of all teachers and students as well as Secretary Wang Yafei, extended warm welcome and sincere congratulations on the arrival of the year 2020 postgraduates. He mentioned a large number of outstanding students who have contributed in their own ways to the COVID-19 control and prevention work. He also paid tribute to all students who have contributed their selfless service in fighting against COVID-19 and praised them as young students with strong social responsibility. He told the students that since the establishment, UESTC has been shouldering the mission of training high-caliber professionals for China's electronic information industry and promoting the development of electronic information technology. The education goal of UESTC is to cultivate innovative and leading talents who can shoulder up the great task of national rejuvenation, that is, leaders and core backbones of academic, technological and industrial fields, as well as governance leaders growing from the electronic information industry. Therefore, he hoped that as soon as the freshmen enter the graduate stage, they should be determined to become discoverers of engineering science, inventors of core technology, creators of engineering system and realizers of commercial values.

He added that if undergraduate education lays the foundation of talent cultivation in a university, graduate education should show the level of a research-oriented university. President Zeng also talked about his expectations to the year 2020 postgraduates. He said the excellent doctoral graduates who are committed to academic research should have the strength to get offers from the world-class universities and become the first-class scholars with impact in the international academic circles in the future; the excellent doctoral and master's graduates who are committed to serving the major needs of the country should be engaged in national defense research institutes and military science and technology industry groups, to secure places in key positions and major projects, and they should become chief engineers, chief executives, senior managers and generals in the future; a large number of doctoral and master's degree graduates engaged in electronic information industry should become core technical backbones, enterprise founders, senior managers and industry leaders. To achieve these goals, he wanted the students to lay a solid professional foundation in the challenging studies, and cultivate the critical thinking ability and innovative spirit. They should, on a solid foundation on science, and driven by the needs of the country and the market, start from creative and original concepts, take innovative technical route and business model design as the approach, and cultivate the creation abilities from 0 to 1 technological breakthrough and commercial value, especially cultivate and train the design thinking ability.

As complex large systems, modern engineering systems can only be created with the cooperation of many individuals. Therefore, he expected the students to cultivate their interdisciplinary ability of knowledge integration and system integration, as well as the organizational ability of communication and teamwork. These abilities can be cultivated not only in thesis research and technical research projects led by the supervisors, but also in student organizations and associations, social practice and public welfare activities. The management and business knowledge is also of great importance to them, he added. He suggested the students to cultivate their own comprehensive ability and business awareness, train their engineering and organizational leadership so as to lead Chinese enterprises to the world in the future. To be a leader, their vision and mind are very important. As long as students practice the school motto of "to seek facts and truth, to be noble and ambitious", with dreams in mind, down-to-earth, daring to challenge and good at taking action, they may become innovators and leaders in the fields of electronic information technology, industry and other cross disciplinary fields. To this end, President Zeng shared a quote from Emerson to students and wanted them “do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”.







Vice President Hu Haoquan announced the scholarship result. Liu Yang and other 4084 students won the Academic Scholarship for Postgraduates in the 2020-2021 academic year, and 93 students including Xu Ting won the Special Scholarship for Science Graduate Students in 2020-2021 academic year.

At the ceremony, representatives of tutors, alumni, students and freshmen spoke respectively, expressing their expectations to the graduate students.


Professor Li Shaoqian, director of National Key Laboratory of Science and Technology on Communications, said that it is the tutors’ mission to cultivate more high-level talents for China, and it is the tutors’ greatest expectation that each student could become the pillars of China. The postgraduate study has changed from the curriculum-oriented learning mode to the academic and technical research-oriented learning mode. The change of learning mode calls for independent and active study and study in practice surrounding research direction and tasks. Students need to constantly learn new knowledge and technology. The change of cultivating mode calls for ability to discover and solve problems with learned knowledge, and to create and innovate so as to constantly improve students’ ability of scientific research and technology development. In the process of research, they should learn to behave well, seek truth, cooperate, overcome difficulties, and implement practical action with dreams, interests and hobbies.


Gao Xianwei, alumnus and director of the 29th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, said that it is not only an honor, but also a responsibility to be able to become a member of the pioneers of China's electronic colleges. He reviewed his experience at UESTC and offered two suggestions for students who are about to start their postgraduate studies.The first suggestion for the 2020 postgraduate students is to seek facts and truth. They have to strive to be honest and pragmatic, to learn knowledge practically and comprehensively. They should always remain open and inclusive on the road of pursuing truth, be willing to embrace innovation and change, and be brave enough in facing setbacks and mistakes. The second suggestion is to be noble and ambitious and find the direction of life. To be noble means that they need to have broader mind and long-term view. To be ambitious requires the students to make great contribution to the development of China and to the progress of society. UESTC students need to be insistent on serving China with science and technology and actively devote themselves to national defense research. With the help of UESTC students, China could realize her dream of building a strong and prosperous military.


On behalf of the graduate students, Wu Yafei, a 2017-doctoral student of School of Electronic Science and Engineering, extended a warm welcome and sincere congratulations to the year 2020 postgraduates on their arrival. He said that the nine years of studying and living in UESTC has enabled him to grow up constantly. “I have learned the UESTC spirit of continuous breakthrough from a large number of excellent teachers and young talents around me. I am also passing on the spirit with my own actions.” Concerning what happened this year, he added, “we have experienced too many extraordinary events and learned the responsibility of being a youth by witnessing the contribution to the Covid-19 control and prevention work made by countless young people. We need to cherish the chance of being here together in UESTC, and choose to become a UESTC student who have firm stand, higher ideological level and warm heart. With knowledge of science and technology, we should always be ready to serve China.


"After months of separation, I return as a freshman to UESTC. Due to the need of epidemic prevention and control, I am here alone this time without my parents, however, I could feel the attentive caring from UESTC.” said Liu Chongzhi, a freshman from School of Computer Science and Engineering. He thought that “s a UESTC student, you have to be responsible, patriotic, noble and ambitious on the road of learning the meaning of life, chasing the life goal and achieving the value of life. We have to make great efforts to become the strivers in the rivers of this era, and shoulder our responsibilities and missions bravely by rooting in UESTC, embracing China and look to the world.”


All the year 2020 postgraduates have taken the academic integrity oath at the 2020 opening ceremony, which was set up this year to establish students’ awareness of abiding by academic ethics and academic norms upon admission. These new graduate students raised their right hands and solemnly swore, "I promise to abide by academic norms, academic integrity, and academic ethics, maintain academic dignity, resist academic misconduct, and strive to be a practitioner of the construction of fine academic atmosphere”





In the process of wearing the university badge, all year 2020 postgraduates wore the school badge on their chest. As college students in the new era, UESTC students will uphold the spirit of "to seek facts and truth, to be noble and ambitious", strength their ideal sand beliefs, shoulder the mission of the times bravely, and be determined to enjoy a brighter youth by being a talented students with wide range of knowledge.


branch venue in Shahe Campus


branch venue in the Institute of Advanced Studies of UESTC (Shenzhen)


The 2020 opening ceremony was broadcast live through various platforms, including the app of People's Daily, and UESTC Central Video, official Microblog, Toutiao, Douyin, Bilibili, Feishu, digital TV platform, which attracted extensive attention from teachers, students, alumni, parents and all sectors of society.

Translated by Zeng Xiaoyan, supervised by Long Mei.

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