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UESTC Selected as a Base for the First Batch of training Program 2.0 of Top Students in National Basic Sciences

Ministry of Education recently revealed the selected bases for the first batch of training program 2.0 of top students in national basic sciences. Thanks to the earnest preparations, UESTC succeeded in applying for the training base of top students in computer science, which became one of the first twelve training bases of top students in computer science at national level.


Supported by the School of Computer Science and Engineering, the training base of top students in computer science in UESTC is endowed with high-quality resources of the university. It is committed to the cultivation of top-ranking scientists in computer science in the future who cherish patriotism, global horizon, humanistic quality and scientific spirits, and who would devote themselves to serve the country when it comes to significant matters, explore new heights in science so as to make a difference to the world and bring benefit to mankind. UESTC will regard the inclusion as an opportunity to fully put into practice the spirit of documents like Opinions on Implementing training Program 2.0 of Top Students in Basic Sciences from Ministry of Education and Other Five Ministries. We will make a further exploration in talent selection and authentication, bringing forth new ways for talent cultivation, and put emphasis on the mission that drives us, the great scholars who lead us and the effect evaluation of teaching, so as to build the base into a first-rate platform in China for the training of talents in computer science, the incubator of top-notch talents in basic sciences, and the cradle where talents in various fields emerges.


Over the past several years, UESTC has carried out reforms in the training program of top and innovative students both at university and school level, laying a solid foundation for the inclusion as one of the bases for the first batch of training program 2.0 of top students in national basic sciences. In 2007, UESTC brought into force UESTC Yingcai Programand established Yingcai Honors College of UESTC two years later, creating a university-level pilot plot for the training of top and innovative talents. In 2015, in line with the teaching experience of Yingcai Honors College, UESTC put into effect an special training program for top and innovative undergraduates in an all-round way, helping eighteen schools with the formation of the special training program for top and innovative talents. To cultivate top and innovative talents in various subject areas, UESTC encourages its schools to deepen their reforms in aspects like the connected training mechanism of bachelors, masters and doctors, the design of specialized training programs, the organization of high-level supervisor teams, the setting up of international exchange and study for students, and the selection system and the division mechanism of students. In 2019, UESTC issued the First-Class Education Plan of Undergraduates and Construction Plan of New Engineering, advancing the first-class undergraduate education of the university across the board and striving for the cultivation of innovative and pioneering talents capable of shouldering the great responsibility of the nation’s rejuvenation and leading the progress in science and technology, as well as in economy and the society in the future. With UESTC’s version of the New Engineering Construction widely concerned and recognized by universities across the country and experts in engineering education, the construction and reform of undergraduate education of the university are gradually expanding their influence.

Translated by Zhang Kehan, supervised by Liao Min.


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