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What are the reqirements for joining IEEE and am I eligible to join?

      IEEE membership is open to virtually anyone with an interest in engineering or computer science. So feel free to apply. The grade assigned to new members will vary depending on academic accomplishment and work experience.
      Technical and non-technical applicants who would benefit by membership and participation in the IEEE enter as Associate members. Member and Senior Member grades recognize those who have achieved professional proficiency, as demonstrated by degrees received and/or work experience. IEEE Fellow grade is reserved for those members with unusual distinction in the profession and is conferred only by invitation of the Board of Directors.
      Membership dues are the same for all members (except Students who pay substantially reduced membership dues) although Regional assessments vary depending upon where you live. Funds collected as Region assessments are returned to local entities to support meetings, newsletters and other Region-based member activities. All members receive the same benefits and services with the exception of voting privileges and holding elected office. These benefits are limited to those holding Member grade or higher.