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Vacancies in the Ultrawise Inc. for foreigner

Vacancies in the Ultrawise Inc. for foreigner

 Ultrawise Inc. is an information technology & education group. One of its important businesses is professional trainings to college seniors. The group’s head office is located in Shanghai and Ultrawise has branches in Beijing, Tianjing, Dalian, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Wuxi, Xian, Wuhan, Changsha and other Chinese cities. The group has close cooperation relationships with more than 40 Chinese universities or colleges. On the other hand, Ultrawise has cooperation projects with industry-leading manufacturers. Ultrawise Inc. keeps long-term cooperative relationship with IBMMicrosoftARMs, XILINXSony Eriosson and other international companies. Ultrawise has built considerable- scale training bases in BeijingChengdu, Wuxi and Xian. (see English version of the group’s website

Now there are vacancies for foreign employees in the company:

 Title1: Education Manager Assistant 

Location: Shanghai

Recruitment places: 3

Salarybeginning salary is 100,000 yuan per year, adequate chance of promotion and wage rise.


- Routine management

- Assisting leader in dealing with management of Ultrawise’s training base and college students

- Coordinating the affairs between Ultrawise’s training bases and cooperative colleges

- Assisting leader in cooperation projects with foreign companies

- Introducing circumstance of training bases to the visitors from government and business partners


- Bachelor's degree or above

- Proficient in English

- Basic communication skills in Chinese

- Have good communication skill

- Good responsibility, good teamwork spirit, remain active and positive

- Independent and self-motivated

- Knowledge on computer is preferred

- From North America and Europe is preferred since often receiving business partners from there

 In this position, you have chance to participate relevant meetings, discussions and negotiations between Ultrawise and some leading international companies in IT and communications fields; discuss with the management leaders of these companies about the cooperation and training projects of two parties; learn the latest information and trend of the IT and communications business; gain precious experience of cooperation with the leading international companies; and it  provides rare practical occasions to advance the proficiency of business spoken Chinese.    


Title2: Computer Teache

Location: Chengdu

Recruitment places: 2

Salarybeginning salary is 110,000-120,000 yuan per year, adequate Chance of promotion and wage rise.


- Teaching courses of computer or information technology

- May participate joint-research projects with cooperative companies

- Assisting leader in cooperation projects with foreign companies if necessary

- Introducing Ultrawise’s circumstance to foreign visitors 



- Master's degree or PhD of computer science or information technology

- Proficient in English

- Basic communication skills in Chinese

- Good responsibility, good teamwork spirit, independent and self-motivated

 In this position, you have chance to discuss training and teaching projects with cooperative college leaders and professors; to get close in touch with and discuss with the leaders and technical experts of international companies; to learn and absorb latest IT research achievements; to participate the joint research projects with the leading companies; which would play a significant role in your career development. 

 If someone is interested in above position or wish to know further information please call 13881722900 (Mikle Zhang) or send an resume (as attachment) to: taomiklezhang @ ..'