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School of Computer Science and Engineering

1. History and Timeline
1956— Major of computer was established.
1979—Department of computer was established.
1984—Institute of Microcomputer was established.
1995—School of Computer Science & Engineering was established.

2.   Research Fields

Computational Theory

Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition

Computer Graphics and Multimedia

Computer System Structure and High Performance Computing

Computer Networks

Cyberspace Security

Data Science and Data Mining

Cloud Computing and Cloud Platform

Embedded System……

3.   Laboratories and Research Centers

1) 大媒体智能团队 Center for Future Media

2) 多智能体与无人系统团队  Multi-Agent and Robotics System (MARS) Lab

3) 分布式存储与计算团队Distributed Storage and Computing Lab

4) 互联网数据安全团队  Internet and Data Security Lab

5) 计算机学科交叉与创新实验室  Lab of Interdiscipline and Innovation Based on Computer Science

6) 计算机视听觉团队  Computer Audio and Visual Team

7) 计算智能团队  Computational Intelligent Lab

8) 可信云计算与大数据团队  Trusted cloud computing and big data Lab

9) 嵌入式系统与智能计算团队  Embedded System and Intelligent Computing

10) 人工智能与智慧健康团队  Center for Artificial Intelligence and Smart Health, CAISH

11) 数据、智能与认知团队  Data, Intelligence and Cognition

12) 数据科学团队  Data Science

13) 数据与智能团队 Data & Intelligence

14) 数字健康团队  Center for Digital Health Innovation

15) 数字媒体技术团队Digital Media Technology Key Laboratory of Sichuan Province

16) 图像与视频分析团队  Image and Video Analysis Lab  

17) 网络安全技术团队  Network Security Technology Laboratory

18) 网络与信息系统团队  Group of Networking and Information System

19) 网络智能与安全团队  Network Intelligence and Security Lab

20) 下一代智能互联网团队  Laboratory of Next Generation Intelligent Internet

21) 信息安全技术团队  Information Security Technology

22) 信息感知与数据融合团队  Information Perception and Data Fusion

23) 移动智能与边缘计算团队  Mobile Intelligence And Edge Computing

24) 应用密码研究团队  Applied Cryptography Research Team

25) 智能信息处理与小波分析应用团队  Smart Information Processing and Wavelet Applications

26) 智能与安全计算团队  Secure And Intelligent computing Lab

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