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School of Mathematical Sciences

Introduction to the School (PDF)

1.History and timeline

1958—Major of Radio Mathematics was established.

1977—Major of Radio Mathematics was renamed as Major of Applied Mathematics.

1984—Department of Applied Mathematics was founded.

2001—School of Mathematical Sciences is established.

2.Research Fields

Numerical Linear Algebra and Scientific Computing with Applications 

Modeling for Image and Visual Processing and High-Performance Numerical Algorithm

Dynamical Systems and Control

Numerical Solution of Differential/Integral Equations with Applications

Partial Differential Equations and Harmonic Analysis with Applications

Probability Theory with Applications

Porosity Modeling and Numerical Simulation

3.Laboratories and Research Centers

Department of Applied Mathematics

Department of Information and Computational Science

Department of Engineering Mathematics

Institute of Computational Science

Math Experiment Center

Mathematical Modeling Talent Training Center

ACM Programming Talent Training Center

4.Contact Us

LIU Xiaoqin:


5.School Website