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School of Resources and Environment

1. Milestone

2004—The Institute of Geo-spatial Information Science and Technologywas established.

2012—School of Resources and Environment was established.

2. Research Activities and Facilities

1) Research Activities

Digital Environmental Protection

Environmental Science and Technology


Microwave Remote Sensing and Application

Quantitative Remote Sensing

Remote Sensing Science and Technology

Resources and Environment Remote Sensing

2) Facilities and Research Centers

Hardware and Software Platforms for Environmental Remote Sensing Observation, and Information Processing and Analysis. Funded by China National Project 985

Chengdu Sub-Center of the Center for Applications of Spatial Information Technologies in Public Health

Southwestern Smart Environmental Protection Research Center

Interdisciplinary Research Center of Western Environment and Disaster Remote Sensing

Sichuan Province Key Laboratory of Earthquake Early Warning System

3. Contact Us

Dean: Yong Wang

Tel: +8628-61831576

4. School Website

5. About the School of Resources and EnvironmentUESTC

School of Resources and Environment (Hereinafter referred to as SRE), UESTC was founded in January, 2012 on the basis of the Institute of Geo-Spatial Information Science and Technology, UESTC, which was established by Prof. Li Xiao-Wen, the well-known remote sensing scientist and Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, who was also the school’s first dean.

Taking advantage of the strong strength of UESTC in information science, SRE is striving for a characteristic research-oriented and high-level school featured by scientific research in the area of resources and environment. SRE established five research foci: quantitative remote sensing, microwave remote sensing, information technology in petroleum exploration, geographical information system and environmental information engineering. It has platforms such as Sichuan Division of National Remote Sensing Center, Center for Sichuan Earth Observation Engineering and Technology, Sichuan Key Laboratory of Earthquake Early Warning, Center for Information Geoscience of UESTC, etc..

The school has three undergraduate majors of “Environmental Engineering”, “Spatial Information and Digital Technology” and “Geo-information Science and Technology”, a master’s program of “Science and Technology of Surveying and Mapping” and a doctoral degree program of “Remote Sensing Information Science and Technology”. It also enrolls Ms and Ph.D. students majoring in Information and Communication Engineering (focusing on Information Technology in Resources and Environment). Up to now, over 160 postgraduate students and over 300 undergraduate students are pursuing their degrees in SRE.

The school has over 40 faculty members and staffs, among whom there are 7 professors and 18 associate professors (3 selected professors of the Thousand Talents Plan and 2 selected professors of the Education Ministry’s New Century Talents Plan). All the faculty members received Ph.D. degrees, and 81% of them have overseas working or studying experiences.