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School of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Introduction to the school (PDF)

1.       History and Timeline:

The School of Aeronautics and Astronautics (Institute of Aeronautic Science and Technology of UESTC) was founded as a research institute in July, 2006, for the expansion of aerospace research field, construction of new disciplines in space information technology, development of multidisciplinary integration of scientific research, and cultivation of highly qualified and innovative talents at all levels of degrees— Bachelor, Master and PhD.

It possesses doctorates of "Navigation, Guidance and Control" and masters of "Navigation, Guidance and Control" and "System Engineering", and it has two undergraduate majors of "Detection, Guidance and Control Technology", "Aerospace Engineering" and a post-doctoral station, as well as a complete training system covering various academic degrees. The college currently has 295 undergraduate students, 431 full-time graduate students, including 411 graduate students, and 20 doctoral students. It has a staff of over 80 people: 12 professional and technical personnel with senior title and 40 with vice-senior title, 9 doctoral tutors, 3 national-level experts in the aerospace of major projects and the “863” projects, and more than 40 emeritus, visiting professors and honorary professors.

The college has carried out fruitful scientific research in the area of "navigation, guidance and control" and "space information science and technology". In recent years, the college has undertaken a sum total of more than 600 research projects for over 280,000,000 RMB. It also has four monographs, over 850 academic papers with high-quality, as well as more than 200 patents granted or in the application process, among which 6 have taken the Provincial Science and Technology Award. These achievements have been successfully applied to manned space, new UAV and aviation security and many other projects. It has also established strategic cooperative relationship with internationally renowned companies, universities and domestic key research institutes in aerospace.

2.       Research Fields:

Astronautics - Manned Space Flight

Measuring and controlling communications, simulation test and certification, and aerospace grade components.

Aeronautics - Unmanned Space Flight

Simulation test verification, integrated measuring communications and flight control, integrated effective payload, and near space aircraft.

Civil aviation - Aviation Safety Technology

Low-altitude air traffic control communication, navigation, surveillance technology, and aviation security detection.

Man-machine Intelligent System

Support bodies, protect important organs, assist and enhance the movement ability, medium for perception of environment.

3.       Laboratories and Research Centers:

The research and development centers follow as:

Ø  Measurement Control and Communication Technology Research Center

Ø  Near Space Technology Research Center

Ø  Space Operations Technology Research Center

Ø  Measurement, Control and Communication Technology Research Center

Ø  Applied Acoustics Research Center

Ø  Aviation Safety Research Center

Ø  Space Microwave Millimeter-wave Technology Research Center

Ø  Optoelectronic System Technology Research Center

Ø  Technological applications of superconductivity Research Center

4.       Contact Us:

Xu Yue


Tel: +8628-61831856

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