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School of Electronic Science and Engineering

1. History and Timeline:

In January of 2018, some relevant disciplines on Electronic Science and Technology have been reorganized into a new School of Electronic Science and Engineering (Pilot School of Microelectronics) by the former School of Electronic Engineering, school of Microelectronic and Solid-electronic and School of Physic Electronics. 

The new-built school owns 5 undergraduate programs on Electronic Science and Technology, Microelectronics Science and Engineering, Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology, Electromagnetic Wave Propagation and Antenna, Integrated Circuit Design and Integration System, while 5 graduate programs (both master and phd) on Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology, Circuits and System, Physical Electronic, Microelectronics and Solid-electronics, Electronic information materials and components which all belong to the first-level discipline of Electronic Science and Technology.

2. Research Fields:

Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology 

Circuits and System

Microelectronics & Solid-State Electronics:

Electronic Information Materials & Components:

Physical Electronics

3. Laboratories and Research Centers:

Currently, our school supervises the following national and state key laboratories and research centers:

(1) The State Key Laboratory of Electronic Thin Films & Integrated Devices (Ministry of Science and Technology);

(2) The National Engineering Research Center: The National Research & Engineering Center for Electromagnetic Radiation Material;

(3) The National Base for International Science & Technology Cooperation;

(4) The National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center for Electronic Information Materials & Devices; The National Electronic Experiment Center.

(5) The National 111 Intelligence Base: the National 111 Intelligence Base for Microwave Materials & Devices;

(6) The National Talents Training Base: the National IC Talents-Training Base;

(7) The National Industrialization Base: the National IC Design and Incubation Center (Chengdu);

(8) The Engineering Research Center for Electromagnetic-Shielding Material;

(9) The Key Laboratory for Multi-Spectrum Absorbing Materials & Structures (Ministry of Education);

(10) The Key Laboratory of Electronic-Information Materials (Ministry of Information and Industry);

(11) The Key Laboratory of Power Semiconductors & Smart Power IC (Ministry of Information and Industry);

(12) The Key Laboratory of ULSI Design (Ministry of Information and Industry)

(13) EMC Technique Laboratory

(14) Electromagnetic Radiation and Scattering Laboratory

(15) Microwave and Millimeter Wave Integrated Circuits and Systems Laboratory

(16) Millimeter-wave Technology and System Application Laboratory

(17) Millimeter-wave Technology Laboratory

(18) Emerging Wireless and Electromagnetic Theory Laboratory

(19) Microwave Circuits and Microsystems Integration Laboratory

(20) Wireless integrated circuit system Laboratory

(21) Microwave Circuit System and Test Laboratory

(22) Perception and Intelligent Control Laboratory

4. Contact Us:

YI Qingying

5. School Website: