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UESTC Ranks the Third Nationwide!

published: 2018-12-14 10:44:57       hits: 

On November 22nd, the list of “China's Public Universities’ Entrepreneurship Competitiveness Top 500·2018” was officially released. UESTC once again entered the top three, ranking third after Tsinghua University and Peking University.

The list is jointly published by King Lead, a leading high-end international education service platform, and, the first authoritative comprehensive rating agency in China. As it is a full-scale ranking list for the entrepreneurial competitiveness of public universities, this year's list is an epitome of the entrepreneurial and innovative education work of all universities in China, showing the tendency of entrepreneurial competitiveness of those universities.

Based on the latest data in the market in 2018, this list, which inherits the rating methods and rating indicators used in the previous lists, evaluates the entrepreneurial competitiveness of domestic public universities through quantitative modeling and comprehensive weighted scoring. It is conducted from four aspects of entrepreneurship education, entrepreneurial activities, entrepreneurial potential, as well as entrepreneurial talents. Specifically, the ranking is on the grounds of qualifying ten selected indicators like the number of entrepreneurship courses. 

All data is said to be collected from the public information on the network, mainly including those from the Ministry of Education, the State Intellectual Property Office, the official website of the “Creating Youth”China College Students Entrepreneurship Competition, Eastmoney, Forbes, and the 2017 Employment Quality Report of various universities. And the latest data available dates to November 15th, 2018.

The organizers believe that, with its strong technical strength, UESTC takes the lead in the field of electronic information technology, based on which  UESTC is able to obtain such a superior ranking in the top three.

04.jpgIn recent years, UESTC has cultivated a lot of entrepreneurial talents and teams for the electronic information industry, including some extraordinary entrepreneurs. In addition, combined with Chengdu's advantages in rich resources, UESTC creatively puts forward the “One School, One Belt”Initiative. More than that, in hope to build “Silicon Valley in Western China”, based on the achievements of colleges and universities, UESTC and the local government jointly build a new economic and industrial belt on and around the Qingshuihe campus.

At the same time, in the two aspects of “entrepreneurial education”and “entrepreneurial talents”, taking the Innovation and Entrepreneurship College as the base, UESTC seeks to explore the “1+1+1”innovation and entrepreneurship model, and has successfully built the “Double Hundred Plan”with joint efforts from alumni entrepreneurs and on-campus and off-campus entrepreneurial tutors.

In an order to provide a space carrier for innovation and entrepreneurship, UESTC has also set up a unique innovative and entrepreneurial service platform: UESTC-Hefu-Lingang Uni-Maker Space, High-tech-UESTC Hechuang Space (National-level wireless communication specialization space) And UESTC E-create Space (the first incubator focused on the field of electronic information). These Spaces serve as stages for UESTC’s practice of innovation, entrepreneurship and conversion of research results.

 06.jpg In recent years, UESTC has cultivated more than 700 students' innovation and entrepreneurship teams and supported more than 2,100 independent research and development projects, as well as incubated 111 science and technology student entrepreneurship enterprises, many of which have financing or annual output value of over 10 million yuan. The student entrepreneurship teams received investment of 280 million yuan from Angel Invest and corporate investment, with an output value of more than 200 million yuan, and won the honorary title of “Xiaoping Technology Innovation Team”. UESTC’s innovation and entrepreneurship work has been repeatedly reported by CCTV, Xinhua News Agency, BBC and other mainstream media at home and abroad.