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Sixteen Scholars Entered the 2018 Global List of Highly Cited Researchers

published: 2018-12-20 10:49:15       hits: 

On 27 November, Clarivate Analytics published the 2018 Global List of Highly Cited Researchers. Professor Liang Yingchang and 15 other scholars in UESTC entered the list. The number of candidates is second only to Tsinghua University, Peking University and Zhejiang University, ranking fourth among Universities in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and the top ten in Asian universities.



Number of People


Tsinghua University



Peking University



Zhejiang University



University of Electronic Science and Technology of China



Soochow University


In recent years, UESTC has vigorously developed the talents team of basic research and built the core faculty of basic research for taking introduction and cultivation of Highly Cited Researchers as a handle. Among the scholars included in our university this year, discipline fields are mainly distributed in 9 disciplines: mathematics, chemistry, computer science, engineering, biology and biochemistry, plant and animal science, neurology and behavior, materials science and interdiscipline.Among them, Professor Lin Hao of the School of Life Science and Technology, and Professor Sun Xuping of the Institute of Fundamental and Frontier Sciences entered the list for the first time.

It is understood that the members on the list will be selected from the number of SCI papers published and objective citation data based on WOS(Web of Science)by Clarivate Analytics, which will select scientific research scholars who have published highly cited papers in the past decade (i.e. papers with the top 1% citation influence in the same year's field of study), and showed that the scientific research achievements made by researchers in a certain discipline field have been recognized and influenced by the global peers. This year's list covers 17 Nobel Prize winners, including this year.

Compared with last year,on the basis of 21 major disciplines, the selection of Highly Cited Researchers for this year has added cross-field categories and selected about 2,000 researchers who have published high-impact papers in several fields with outstanding performance. More than 6,000 people entered the list globally, including 2,639 Highly Cited Researchers in the United States and 546 in the United Kingdom. The number of people on the list in mainland China has risen sharply from last year with the number of 482, ranking third in the world. Moreover, there are 50 from Hongkong, 5 from Macao, and 20 from Taiwan on the list.