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UESTC Hosted the 2019 Asian Innovative Smart Grid Technologies (ISGT)

published: 2019-06-19 09:25:31       hits: 

The 2019 ISGT was held in Chengdu from May 21st to 24th. It has attracted more than 800 well-known experts and scholars from over 30 countries including Germany, the United States, Denmark, Belgium, and India, etc. Under the theme of "Smart Grid Connects to the Future", these experts and scholars gathered together to exchange academic ideas, share academic achievements as well as explore the global development potentials of smart grid. Dr. Zeng Yong, Principal of UESTC, attended and addressed the opening ceremony. Peng Lan, Deputy secretary of the UESTC Party Committee attended the award ceremony. Kang Kai, the Vice President and Secretary General of the Chinese Association of Higher Education, also attended the opening ceremony. Huang Qi, secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, served as the chairman of the conference. Professor Hu Weihao from the School of Electrical Engineering was the chairman of the 2019 ISGT Program Committee.


On behalf of UESTC, Zeng Yong gave his warm welcome to all experts and scholars. He introduced the history of UESTC and its characteristics and advantages in the field of electronic information. He said that while strengthening the traditional characteristics and advantages of the electronic information field, UESTC would vigorously develop cutting-edge technologies and focus on new directions such as renewable energy power generation and smart energy. Strong research foundation has formed in the field of power grid information support technology, energy conversion materials and devices, renewable energy control and consumption, as well as large power system analysis and control. Hopefully, with the theme in mind, scholars from all countries could exchange academic ideas, share academic achievements and enlighten academic wisdom together to promote the development of smart grids in Asia and the world.

As a representative of the experts, Cheng Shijie, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, addressed the conference, and introduced the reform and development of China's power system. According to him, China's wind power installed capacity and solar installed capacity both rank first in the world, and we have gained operational and research experience in intensive development and utilization of renewable energy. Due to the reverse distribution of China's energy resources and economic development areas, it is necessary to rely on large-capacity long-distance transmission technology. Therefore, there is a tremendous demand in the field of ultra-high voltage power transmission. Sichuan Province, which is a major participant in China's "West Power to East" Project, provides a large amount of clean hydro-power for the national economic construction. He said that as a researcher in the field of power, it was incumbent upon him to explore new theories, technologies and methods to meet the development challenges of today's power systems.

Shi Junjie, Chief engineer of State Grid Sichuan Electric Power Company, introduced the significant role of State Grid Sichuan Electric Power Company (SEPC) in the planning, construction, operation and power supply in regard of the province's power grid. He said that State Grid SEPC provides over 95% of Sichuan's population with electric power, of which hydro-power and new energy installed capacity account for more than 84%, making Sichuan the province with the highest proportion of new energy in China. He also introduced the current construction direction and relevant key scientific and technological achievements that SEPC is now vigorously promoting.


During the conference, 5 seminars and 11 invited lectures were held, which were divided into 21 themes. And it comprised of 45 sub-conferences, and 789 academic reports.

The conference also has sessions like poster competition and smart grid high-end equipment exhibitions, so as to further promote the development of platforms of international industry-university-research cooperation, results transformation and communication in the field of electrical measurement instruments, and create an information exchange platform for scientific research, technological innovation and industrial practice.

The conference received more than 1,200 papers, among which 10 "best papers" and 8 "best posters" stood out. The award ceremony was held in the evening of the 23rd. Peng Lan attended the award ceremony and expressed her congratulations to those award-winning experts and scholars.

The ISGT is the highest level of international academic conference in the field of smart grids. It is annually held in Asia, North America, Europe and other regions. The conference is dedicated to discussing and exploring key technologies of smart grids and is of vital importance in the field of smart grids technology. The 2019 ISGT has attracted attentions from lots of media including Xinhua News Agency, China News Agency, China Daily, People's Daily, and


Translated by Xia Ling, supervised by Long Mei