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New High! The Glasgow College of 2019 Reached a Further Education Rate of 89.2 %

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New Year's eve of this year, time for the gathering of the family, good news came from the other side of the ocean “Wang Jinchen, a graduate of Glasgow college of UESTC of 2019, has been admitted to the EECS doctoral program of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and has been granted a full scholarship”; “I got a full-scholarship successive master-doctor program offer from UCLA!” Shi Cheng, a graduate of Glasgow College of UESTC of 2019, excitedly sent a message to his counselor.

In the coming the graduation season, Glasgow College of UESTC will see off its third group of graduates in “Electronic Information Engineering major” in June. By June 5, 2019, the postgraduate study rate of 231 undergraduates in 2019 has reached 89.2% at home and abroad (81.6% in 2017 and 84.5% in 2018), which will be slightly higher than the average proportion of undergraduates from Tsinghua University and Peking University; the rate of overseas study reached 74.9 % (66.7 % in 2017 and 67.6 % in 2018), and has reached a record high!

Further education institutions and quality levels have reached to a new level



According to statistics, the average number of offers each graduate gets in 2019 is 3.8 from overseas universities, including Columbia University(21), University of Pennsylvania(5), University of California San Diego(5), Duke University(15), Northwestern University(15), New York University(19), Imperial College London(9), The University of Edinburgh(8), University of Glasgow(36), The Australian National University(14), The University of Melbourne(12), The University of Sydney(9), National University of Singapore(3), Nanyang Technological University(47) and other world-renowned universities.

The other 14.3 % of graduates chose to continue their studies in China. In addition to UETSC, the rest of the students will go to Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Fudan University, Tongji University, Wuhan University, Xiamen University and other domestic "double first-class" universities to study for master's degree.

19 of the graduate students of 2019 received offers for successive master-doctor program offer, accounting for 8.2% of the total. Those universities include Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of California, Los Angeles, University of Notre Dame, National University of Singapore, University of Glasgow, and University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Jiaotong University, and Fudan University.

International talent training system: with intrinsic fostering mechanism for students further study


The success of Glasgow College of UESTC is attributed to its international talent training system.

When UESTC cooperated with the University of Glasgow in the top-level design, it introduced the advanced educational concepts of the University of Glasgow and established an international course system for Electronic Information Engineering Major. The course system covers the basic electronic information device of "device-circuit-system", which emphasizes not only the cultivation of professional ability, but also the cultivation of technical ability, and embodies the concept of the penetration of liberal arts and science, and interdisciplinary subjects.Through the training of professional ability, innovation ability and, language and quality development, students are cultivated in a hierarchical and progressive manner.

At the same time, the international teaching mode of engineering majors is adopted to increase the proportion of experimental class hours. There is an obvious span from analysis and verification experiment to comprehensive experiment, forming a progressive professional learning and practical innovation ability cultivation system. The special laboratory of the college is open 24 hours a day, which provides a condition for the cultivation of students' innovative practical ability.

Engineering English, which serves for the teaching of professional courses in English, aims at IELTS, academic English and cultural communication to cultivate students’ language ability and intercultural communication ability in an all-round way. Led by national teachers' ethics models and national teaching masters, the international and high-level teaching team also provides strong support for high-quality and all-English engineering teaching.

Professional team builds a study-abroad guidance center; outstanding alumni support further-study work

The college has established a "student-oriented" student development center, in which there are academic planning and assistance center, mental health center and overseas study guidance center, which help students' all-round development by creating multi-level training platforms.


In order to improve the proportion of students going abroad for further study and the quality of their further study,the Center for Overseas Study Guidance of the College, based on the needs of students and data analysis, has formed a four-in-one working mechanism with planning guidance, personalized consultation, study-abroad database and international communication channels as the main elements.

The Center for Overseas Study Guidance of the College focuses on building a professional and high-level study-abroad guidance team to provide students with scientific, systematic and detailed study-abroad guidance services.Through integrating the team of counselors and English teachers, the center have initially formedan overseas-study consulting team of 12 full-time and part-time members and a personal statement guidance team of 8 people.

In addition to this overseas study guidance team, the college also brings together a group of enthusiastic alumni, who gather strength and work together to help the Overseas Study Guidance Center.

With the efforts of the team, the center has been constantly improving the college's overseas study database to provide an accurate index for scientific guidance. The optional course "study-abroad planning and guidance" has been set up, providing "one-to-one" study-abroad consultation and "one-to-one" personal statement writing guidance appointment service for students of the college. The center integrates the strength of English teachers and foreign language teachers of the college, and launches "clerical workshop". Through theoretical and practical operation, it helps students to dig out their own highlights, and DIY individual PS, CV, etc. In addition to extensively conducting planning lectures by overseas study experts, teachers and peers, the college also regularly holds overseas study consultation and exchange meetings every year and invites well-known overseas study institutions to provide convenient consultation services for students. Up to now, it has been successfully held for five times.


It is worth mentioning that graduates of last two years returned to the college spontaneously and actively participated in various activities of the overseas study guidance center. They share their overseas learning experience and gains through various forms, to help students grow upand pay their gratitude to UESTC with actual assistances.

In addition to sharing in live lectures, overseas alumni actively use the "online" mode to communicate with junior schoolmates in the live broadcasting room of alumni salon set up by the college.Among them, the seniors’ special live broadcast of University of California San Diego, Imperial College London, and University of Texas at Austin were warmly welcomed by students.

In addition, the center also positively expands the platform for students' overseas exchange, and help students enhance their background.In addition to encouraging students to actively participate in various exchange groups of the school, the center also independently expands overseas scientific research programs, language programs, credit programs, volunteer teaching programs and so on. 4+X cooperation agreements have been signed with universities such as the University of Windsor in Canada and Monash University in Australia to help students build master's “through train” programs.Every year, the center regularly organizes overseas college and universities education seminars and invites admissions officers from University of Glasgow, ESIGELEC, University of Windsor, Monash University, Rutgers University, Nanyang Technological University and other famous universities to give lectures to the Glasgow College of UESTC to promote direct communication between college admissions officers and students.

Cultivate the new generation with both "patriotism" and "international vision"

Glasgow College of UESTC always adheres to the "student-oriented" principle to cultivate students' patriotism and students' love for the university, help students to grow up, improve student satisfaction, and let every student "go out", "fly high" and "come back".

Through fostering education salon on “the motherland is summoning me”, inviting excellent overseas returnees and schoolfellows to share their feelings of coming back to China as well as UESTC, the college makes a discussion on the topics of "how to cultivate international vision and cross-cultural communication ability" and "how to persist in patriotism in international environment”, and strengthens back-feeding education in various ways, so as to develop students into the successors of the times who both have "patriotism" and "international vision".


Furthermore, the college encourages students to actively work in international organizations and become high-level international talents.Therefore, the college invited Song Yunfu, a former senior diplomat of the WTO and director of the Foreign Affairs Department of the Ministry of Health, and Liu Sijia, a former official of the public policy project of the United Nations Children's Fund in China, to share and communication, recommend and select students to participate in the China’s capacity building program for international civil servants and the summer elite program of young leaders of the United Nations, so as to find a new direction for the employment of international talents and plant the seeds of international talents.

Over the past six years, Glasgow College of UESTC has remained true to its original aspiration, striving for the goal of "cultivating talents with international vision, international competitiveness and high sense of social responsibility in the IT and engineering fields of the world", and always adhering to the deep integration of Chinese and British advantageous resources to promote the continuous development of Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools.

On the basis of enhancing comprehensive strength, the college will deepen cooperation with the University of Glasgow in the future. At present, the two universities have signed a new strategic cooperation agreement, which will carry out academic cooperation, joint scientific research and joint postgraduate training programs, and set up a joint research center as well as UESTC--University of Glasgow overseas teaching and training base.


Translated by Yang Yunfei, supervised by Long Mei