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Neal Juster, Executive Vice-President of the University of Glasgow Visited UESTC

published: 2019-07-09 14:32:24       hits: 

On June 28th, Neal Juster, Executive Vice-President of the University of Glasgow, led a delegation to visit UESTC. Zeng Yong, President of UESTC met with the delegation and exchanged in-depth views on the future development and deepening the cooperation between the two universities. Vice-President Xiong Caidong attended the meeting.



On behalf of UESTC, Zong Yong welcomed Neal Juster and his delegation to visit Glasgow College and gave full recognition to its achievements. He said that since the establishment of Glasgow College in 2013, the sino-foreign cooperation of both sides in running the college has been upgraded from "program" to "institution", the enrollment scale has been significantly expanded, the quality of students has been steadily improved, the overall rate of graduates' further study and the rate of students going to international famous universities has been continuously upgraded, and excellent achievements have been made in personnel training. At the same time, Glasgow College attaches great importance to cultivating students' capabilities in practice and innovation. The program-based and research-oriented teaching mode has generated radiation and spillover effects, providing a useful reference for the engineering education reform of UESTC. It’s hoped that the two sides will take the opportunity of adding doctoral degree education programs and setting up joint research and innovation centers to continuously improve the quality of personnel training, jointly carry out scientific researches and push for more fruitful cooperation between the two sides.


Neal Juster conveyed the good wishes of President Anton Muscatelli to President Zeng Yong and UESTC, expressed his great pleasure to visit UESTC, and attended the graduation ceremony of Glasgow College. He said that in recent years, the cooperation between University of Glasgow and UESTC has been expanding in scale and the areas of cooperation between two universities have been broadening continuously, which has produced fruitful results. Glasgow University is most proud of that. In the next step, both sides will add doctoral degree education programs and set up joint research and innovation centers to further enhance the level of cooperation. It is hoped that the two universities will give full play to their respective advantages, vigorously promote the combination of medical and engineering, and jointly endeavor to cultivate more talents, make program application and other work, and make greater contributions to the development of the two universities and human health.

Prior to the meeting, the delegation from the University of Glasgow exchanged views with Xu Hongbing, Vice-President of UESTC, on the future development goals and plans of the joint research and innovation centers.

David Cumming, Dean of the School of Engineering, Glasgow University, John Marsh, British Dean of Glasgow College, Laura Dickson, Manager of Cross-Border Education, and directors of the International Office and Glasgow College attended the events.


Translated by Yang Yunfei, supervised by Long Mei