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Success of 2019 "International UESTC" Overseas Study and Education Exhibition

published: 2019-11-08 14:59:11       hits: 

On the afternoon of Oct 25th, 2019 "International UESTC" Overseas Study and Education Exhibition was successfully held in the library of UESTC Qingshuihe Campus. Di Aiying, the director of International Cooperation and Exchange of UESTC extended a warm welcome to the exhibitors on behalf of our school.


More than 30 colleges and universities from 14 countries, including the United States, Britain, France, Denmark, South Korea and Russia, participated in the exhibition. More than 50 delegates from world-class colleges and universities, such as UCLA, SDSU, UCL, University of Glasgow, University of Copenhagen, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Khalifa University and University of Melbourne, had face-to-face communication with our students. Teachers from Sichuan Foreign Affairs Service Center also came to provide foreign affairs consultation for students and received a warm response.

Lan Xinyue, a student who came to the exhibition said, “This exhibition gave us a chance to have a face-to-face communication with recruiting teachers from renowned international institutions, so that we can learn first-hand information about studying abroad, including the academic characteristics and admission requirements which has brought great convenience for our future overseas study.

The participating guests fully affirmed our school’s active exploration of improving the internationalization level of higher education, expressed great appreciation for the achievements made in the educational reform and development of our school in recent years, and showed their sincere gratitude for the well-organized activities, the high quality service as well as the hard work of the volunteers.     








Previously, on Oct 22ndand 23rd, as a series of activities of “International UESTC·11th International Education Exchange Week”, “The UESTC 2020 Overseas& Outbound Study Program Presentation” and “The UESTC 2020 Government-Sponsored Overseas Study Program Presentation” were successfully held on Qingshuihe Campus. With more than 300 students present, teachers of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office and the Graduate School of our school gave in-depth explanations on the two programs at the two presentations respectively. After presentations, the students actively asked relevant questions and the teachers patiently answered them one by one.





Di Aiying said that it is the common mission of Chinese and foreign institutions to cultivate more promising young people who will contribute to the future of mankind. It is hoped that the majority of young students will grasp the opportunity of realizing the dream of studying abroad through this exhibition. It is also hoped that the relationships between Chinese and foreign institutions become closer and closer, the cooperation become deeper and deeper, and then achieve more and more abundant results.

It is understood that this educational exhibition is the last but the most important event of the “International UESTC·11th International Education Exchange Week” and also serves as the launching ceremony for the international exchange activities in the next year, which open a new chapter of internationalization of our school. Since then, this year’s International Education Exchange Week has officially concluded, which also represents the official launch of 2020 overseas study programs of our school.


Translated by Fan Zhaojun, supervised by Liao Min.