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French Ambassador to China Laurent BILI Visited UESTC

published: 2019-12-02 15:01:13       hits: 

On the morning of November 22, French ambassador to China Laurent BILI and his delegation visited UESTC. Prof. Zeng Yong, the president of UESTC welcomed the guests on Qingshuihe campus, and vice president Prof. Xiong Caidong attended the meeting.


On behalf of UESTC, Prof. Zeng welcomed Laurent BILI and his delegation and briefed the history of UESTC and the progress of “Double First-class” construction. He said, UESTC has not only the all-round advantages in electronic information, but also remarkable achievements in talents training, discipline development, scientific research and industrial contribution. He added that internationalization is one of the core strategies of UESTC. In recent years, UESTC initiated mutual visits and exchanges with French universities such as delegation exchanges visits, visiting scholars, long /short term study abroad programs of students and so on, thus has formed profound friendships with French universities. At present, UESTC has signed cooperation agreements with more than 10 French universities and colleges and implemented. The Confucius Institute in Montpellier, jointly established with the association of Confucius Institutes in Montpellier, France(school district, university of Montpellier and municipal government) is booming, and concurrently, Alliance française of Chengdu, or the French Training Center of UESTC has made great contributions to the spread of French in China. Considering France’s advanced research and education developments in fields of basic science, engineering technology, economics and business, humanities and social science, we hope that with the promotion of Mr. Laurent BILI, the cooperation between UESTC and French universities will reach to a new stage.

Mr. Laurent BILI expressed his gratitude to the hospitality of UESTC and strong impression of UESTC’s achievements and beautiful campus. He said, the Action Plan for China-France Relations published recently has made a new prospect for mutual cooperation and provided both peoples with the opportunity to exchange. It is a key and basis to boost close cooperation between both parties according to the Action Plan for China-France Relations. Mr. Laurent BILI has also conveyed his appreciation to the long-term support of UESTC to Alliance française of Chengdu, the French Training Center of UESTC, and attention and support for the cooperation of both universities. France is not only famous in its “romance” around the world, but also known for its world-class engineering technology education, especially the outstanding development in the field of electronic information. Therefore, he hopes the both sides will strengthen cooperation by exploring cooperative ways to obtain greater practical outcomes.

After the meeting, Mr. Laurent BILI and his delegation visited the Innovation Base of UESTC, accompanied with person in charge from International Cooperation and Exchange Department. 

In the past 3 years, almost 90 people from over 60 groups of UESTC have visited French universities such as Université de Montpellier , École Nationale Supérieure de l'Électronique et de ses Applications, ESIGELEC, Universite de Bourgogne, and Université d'Evry Val d'Essonne for exchanges, included carried out international conferences, cooperative research, investigation visits, lessons and so on. At the same period, UESTC has received nearly 80 French exchange students, and 30 French teachers will be invited to make academic exchange and cooperation each year. Up to now, UESTC has sent 33 students for French long-term programs, 153 students for short-term programs, and 46 students studying in France under the national public projects.


Translated by Xu Jinlu, supervised by Liao Min.