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MAN:Chunguang Bai

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name :  Chunguang Bai Gender:  Female phone: 13664228458
email: office-address: The School of Management and Economics C326 
major:  Management  Science 
research interst Sustainable supply chain management, management of technology, and business process management and the environment
Biography  Professor in The School of Management and Economics at the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. She received the PhD Degree in Management Science from the Dalian University of Technology in China. Her research interests include sustainable supply chain management, management of technology, and business process management and the environment. She has published over 30 papers in English journals. She has over 2500 citations in Google Scholar. Two of her papers has become some of the highest cited in ten years (ESI index).
Teaching Schedule  
SELECTED PUBLICATIONS C Bai, B Shi, F Liu, J Sarkis ,    Banking credit worthiness: Evaluating the complex relationships ,Omega, 2018
n  C Bai, J Sarkis, Integrating and extending data and decision tools for Sustainable third-party reverse logistics provider selection, Computers & Operations Research,2018
C Bai, A Satir, J Sarkis ,    Investing in lean manufacturing practices: an environmental and operational perspective, International Journal of Production Research, 1-15,1,2018
C Bai, J Sarkis, Evaluating complex decision and predictive environments: the case of green supply chain flexibility, Technological and Economic Development of Economy 24 (4), 1630-1658, 2018
C Bai, P Shah, Q Zhu, J Sarkis, Green product deletion decisions: An integrated sustainable production and consumption approach , Industrial Management & Data Systems 118 (2), 349-3896,2018
C Bai, J Rezaei, J Sarkis ,  Multicriteria green supplier segmentation , IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management,  30 (63), 77, 2017
C Bai, S Kusi-Sarpong, J Sarkis ,An implementation path for green information technology systems in the Ghanaian mining industry, Journal of Cleaner Production 164, 1105-1123,19,     2017
C Bai, J Sarkis, Improving green flexibility through advanced manufacturing technology investment: Modeling the decision process ,International Journal of Production Economics 188, 86-104,12,2017