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Provisional Acceptance Letter for International Student

Click here to download the Provisional Acceptance Form for International Student


1.This form is filled byprofessors(supervisors) of UESTCaccording to their knowledge of the applicant.

2. Itcannot be used as an official letterof admission from UESTC but can be taken as a supplementary part of the application materials for the study at UESTC;

3. ForPh.D programs, it isnecessaryto get the acceptance letter from the supervisor in UESTC. Formaster programs, it'ssuggestedto get the acceptance letter from the supervisor in UESTC;

4, The signature of the supervisor on the Provisional Acceptance Form should bein Chinese;

5. The applicant need to contact the schools and professorson his/her own.Please click here to contact the available schools and professors(By contacting the coordinator or the professors)

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