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FAQs on Application Procedure

●If I apply to CSC scholarship, do I need to apply to university?

Yes, exactly you need to register in our online application system after you register in CSC webpage. The university online application system requires you to upload "CSC Application Form Downloaded after Applying in the CSC Website".

The agency number of UESTC is 10614. Please choose "Category B" when you apply the CSC scholarship(Chinese University Program).

●Can I apply for both CSC Government scholarship and university scholarships?

Yes, of course. But you can only get one type of the scholarship.

●Do my documents have to be in English or Chinese?

We require all documents in English. We can also accept Chinese translated documents.

●Do I need to pay the application fee? When and how?

Yes. The application fee is ¥420 (If you pay with CNY) or $60 (If you pay with USD). After youpass the documents review, you need to pay the application fee by transferring the money to UESTC bank account, and upload the scanned copy of the payment in the online application system as soon as possible.

●Who should write my recommendations?

It should be professors or associate professors who know you well and who have taught you in academic subjects. What's more, teachers should tell us about your non-academic interests and personal qualities as well as academic potential.

PS. Referrers’ contacts should be also shown in the recommendation letter.

Bachelor degree applicants could ask their teachers for recommendation letters.

●Who reads applications?

Applications are read by an Admissions Committee, which consists of twenty members. And admission decisions will be made after several rounds of meticulous meetings.

●Do I need to communicate directly with the admissions staff member who read my file?

No, you don't. Our decisions are made by a committee of admission officers, including faculty members. The outcome of deliberation cannot be changed by a specific staff member.

●Are there quotas for international applicants?

No, there aren't.

●Is there an interview?

It might be. But mostly we don't have an interview.

●Does UESTC admit students to enter in the spring semester?

We do not accept intakes for degree programs, while non-degree programs are available in the spring semester.

●Are my chances of admission enhanced by submitting application before other applicants?

No. After the receipt of these applications before the deadline, the Admission Committee tries to expedite application processing and to arrange personal interviews ASAP.

●Is there a wait list?

Sorry, we do not have it.

●Is it possible to get to know my professors before my application?

Definitely yes. We have all the professors' contacts on our webpage. Click here to get more information about the schools and professors.

●For applicant who is now studying in China, what is the difference for the application documents?

Most of the required documents are the same. The only difference is the Physical examination form, if you are already in China, the valid visa page is required.

●What should students know about visas?

Admitted international students will be informed what relevant information and document should be submitted for visa.

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