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FAQs & Related Links
FAQs on Registration & Study in UESTC

Admission Registration

●Do you offer pick up service from airport to campus?

Sure, we do. But that service is only available during the registration date stipulated on admission notice. Please use the “AIRPORT PICKUP” service in the online application system to upload your flight information.

●Can I extend my registration date?

We do accept reasonable application for registration extension until September, 15th.


●When do courses start?

Usually the course start at the end of August, after your arrival and registration in UESTC.

●Can I transfer from my university to a course at the UESTC?

The transferring of the courses is only available for students from our cooperative universities, under the framework of the agreement.

●Do you offer short-term exchange program?

Sure, we do. But that program is only available for applicants from our cooperative universities.

●Do you offer summer schools?

Yes, we do. We will post more information on our webpage later.

●Do you offer distance learning?

Sorry, we don't.

●Do you hold Open Days?

Sorry, we don't.

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