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How to pay Application Fee by WeChat(微信支付)

Status: In Process

The system will remind you of the payment of the application fee after the initial review (If the system shows "In Progress"), it means you are at the initial review stage. Please wait patiently. Please read the "Online application procedure" or "APPLICATION NOTE" carefully.


Status: Application Fee to be Paid

We will send you a message to inform you to pay the application fee if you pass the initial review (document review).

When the status shows "Application fee to be Paid", please pay a non-refundable ¥420 as application fee through the UESTC online application system. (Online Payment only)

★★★★★ The UESTC Payment Platform will be unviable each day between 22:00 pm - 0:30 am (Beijing Time, UTC+8:00) for system reconciliation. ★★★★★

I. Please click the blue button: Pay Application Fee.


II. Please verify the amount of the total payment of Application Fee, and click the blue button: Check and pay.


III. After Step 2, you will login to the UESTC Payment Platform (The Interface language is Chinese.) Please read the instruction below:


IV. UESTC provides three payment methods for the international applicants: 1. AliPay (支付宝), 2. WeChat Pay (微信支付) and 3. Credit Card Payment (中国工商银行). Please choose the payment method first, and click “下一步” (Next)

 IF YOU ARE IN CHINA, please choose AliPay or WeChat Pay.

WeChat Pay 微信支付 (Not suggested to those who are not in China):


(1) After you choose WeChat Pay and click “下一步” (Next), the UESTC Payment Platform will directly change to WeChat Pay. Please use “Scan” on the WeChat, and scan the QR Code to make the Payment.


(2) After you make the payment successfully, you can see the Order information of the success payment. You can click “打印订单”(Print the Order) as the proof of your payment. Please keep record of your payment.



(3) The page above will be closed automatically in 5 seconds, and you can see the page “Your payment successful!”


(4) Then you will be re-directed to the UESTC Online Application System. Now your Application Status will show “Waiting for academic review”.


(5) If the system still reminds you to pay the application fee, just click the blue button again, then the system will show that “You have paid, do not repeat the payment!”, which means you have already paid.



● The sooner you pay, the earlier academic committee will start academic review.


 Status: Waiting for Academic Review

After the application fee is paid successfully, you will automatically enter the next stage of your application (academic review). Then your application status will change to Waiting for Academic Review.



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