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Thumbs-up for UESTC Founders from Premier Li Keqiang

On the afternoon of December 23, during the meeting of leaders of China, Japan and South Korea, Li Keqiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Premier of the State Council, visited Jingrong Hui "Shuangchuang Park"(meaning innovation and entrepreneurship) in Chengdu High-tech Zone and Free Trade Zone Sub-branch of Bank of Chengdu. During this period, he inspected the innovative and entrepreneurial products of the founders, learned about the transformation of scientific and technological achievements,as well as the financing of small and micro enterprises, and inquired about their opinions and suggestions on the "Shuangchuang" policy and related public services. It is worth mentioning that many founders there communicating with the Premier graduated from UESTC.

On April 25, 2016, Premier Li Keqiang visited Jingrong Town, a small town of founders near Qingshui River campus of the University of Electronic Science and Technology(UESTC), and had cordial communication with the founders of the UESTC. He encouraged them to innovate, explore boldly and realize their dreams as soon as possible.


Video: Premier Li Keqiang Visits Chengdu High-tech Zone Jingrong Hui "Shuangchuang Park" and Free Trade Zone Sub-branch of Bank of Chengdu Sub-branch

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Premier Li is very concerned about the energy industry in Sichuan Province, especially the scientific and technological research and industrial application of new energy industry. Professor Huang Qi, Party Secretary of School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, and professor Hu Weihao, a national youth specialist, reported to Premier Li on the research of smart grid and energy internet team.

At the demonstration platform, Huang Qi gave Premier Li a detailed introduction of the latest research results of the energy block chain. He said that the energy block chain technology can effectively solve the problem of building a diversified and orderly competitive market system in the power system reform, enhance the market participation of small and medium-sized users, restore the commodity attributes of power energy, promote the consumption and utilization of renewable energy, and build a new urban energy scene featuring low carbon, sharing, autonomy and self-discipline.

Premier Li attaches great importance to issues such as "surplus water" of Sichuan hydropower. As the leader of the "clean energy" expert group of Sichuan's "five plus one" modern industrial system, Huang Qi reported to Premier Li on Sichuan's joint efforts in optimizing resource development and distribution, multi-energy complementary bundling and sending, comprehensive utilization of surplus water, and power grid security with big data technology.

Premier Li fully affirmed the research achievements made by UESTC through the deeper integration of power energy and electronic information technology. At the same time, he looked forward to the further combination of foreign experiences in new energy consumption, thus solving technical problems related to power abandoned water and wind, speeding up the construction of "Internet Plus Smart Energy", building a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient modern energy system, and making greater contributions to improving China's clean energy utilization level.


Premier Li walked to the site of Chinese-Japanese-Korean Youth Innovation Salon held in the "Shuangchuang Park" , which focused on 2019 New Display Technology Trend, and had an exchange with members of the five project teams currently on the road show. The team led by Professor Li Shaorong of the Optoelectronic Technology Engineering Center of the School of Optoelectronic Science and Engineering of the UESTC is one of them. Besides, they are the only university team selected to participate in the roadshow.

This time, Li Shaorong's team have crystalline silicon thin film solar battery applied to mobile display terminals to show. The new crystalline silicon thin film battery is a kind of solar cell which combines the stability of crystalline silicon conversion efficiency and the advantages of amorphous silicon thin film. The product possesses 4 invention patents and has independent intellectual property rights. At present, this kind of product arising from the sole technology in China is applicable in all application fields of the existing traditional crystalline silicon solar cell.

Premier Li shook hands with the officials and judges of the five project teams participating in the roadshow, and encouraged the founders of China, Japan and South Korea to realize their dreams and promote cooperation among China, Japan and South Korea through ideological collision and technological exchange.

After the roadshow, Li Shaorong said his team could feel the Premier's expectation to new technology and collision of new ideas and the importance he attached to international cooperation. This was an inspiration to them. On the one hand, they decided to strengthen exchanges and cooperation between China and foreign countries and continuously improve products. On the other hand, they would strive to speed up the industrialization of products and make contributions to the development of China's photovoltaic industry.


Jointly built by the venture capital alliance of UESTC and Innoangel Space, the "Hardcore Workshop" located in the "Shuangchuang Park" is an innovation platform for cultivating science and technology companies relying on the scientific and technological achievements and talents of UESTC. Premier Li came here to communicate with the settled enterprises and inspect the achievements of "Shuangchuang".

Alumnus Wang Ping, Executive Secretary of the UESTC Venture Capital Alliance, introduced that the physical space of "Hardcore Workshop" consists of three functional areas: testing service, practical training roadshow and joint office. It regarded is as an innovation platform for cultivating hardcore technology companies. Among the fifteen small and medium-sized enterprises in the "Hardcore Workshop", twelve are alumni associations, including Chengdu Tianheng Instrument and Equipment Co., Ltd, Chengdu Jimi Technology Co., Ltd, Chengdu Yuefan Innovation Technology Co., Ltd, etc.

Chengdu Tianheng Instrument and Equipment Co., Ltd. focuses on the next generation of testing and measurement in the field of communication technology and material semiconductors. It is committed to providing specialized testing instruments, testing integration, maintenance lease, testing accessories and on-line testing and data analysis products at industrial sites, and training digital blue collar as well as testing and measurement core intelligent manufacturing talents.

Alumnus Li Ran, chairman of Tianheng Instruments, briefed Premier Li on the latest achievements made by the company in the localization of instruments and intelligent testing, as well as the progress made by the UESTC and some vocational colleges in the fields of integrating production and education to train talents in digital factories, high-end digital blue-collar workers and semiconductor leaders. Premier Li, while listening to the report, exchanged ideas and fully affirmed the company's achievements in the localization of instruments and the integration of production and education.

Li Ran said he felt deeply the Premier's encouragement and support for entrepreneurs. He also expressed that, having been setting up business for many years, he has always focused on the research and development of high-tech instruments and equipment, testing services and other hardcore technologies. He would like to further strengthen the cooperation with alma mater, give full play to each advantages, and do a good job in the localization of high-end equipment and the integration of production and teaching.


Established in November 2013, Chengdu Jimi Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the design, research, development and manufacturing of laser TV and intelligent projection design. At the exhibition hall, Chairman and CEO of the company Zhong Bo introduced Premier Li to the latest laser TV A2 Pro and classic H3 intelligent projection products of Jimi Technology. This is Premier Li's second on-site inspection of the company's products in three years. The Premier was very pleased to see the latest products and gave a high degree of recognition to the Jimi Technology. He hoped that they could continue to advance in the field of hardcore technology and prove the strength of Chinese brands to the world.

In the past three years, the sales of Jimi Technology increased tenfold. IDC, an authoritative market research institution in the world, showed that Jimi Technology ranked first in China's projector market with 575,000 units shipped in 2018, a growth of 65.70 percent compared to the previous year, and continued to rank first in China's market in the first three quarters of 2019.

Zhong Bo said that the Primer has raised high expectations. As the founder of Jimi Technology, he felt the responsibility. He expressed that in China's best era, they will continue to innovate and break through, so that Jimi Technology could change the viewing mode of global families and actively become an outstanding science and technology company with innovative influence on the world.


Chengdu Yuefan Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. is a fully autonomous service robot technology solution provider with full robot capability in algorithm, software, structure and hardware layers. In 2018, a fully autonomous mobile retail terminal-"FANBOT Hawker" robot was launched globally, creating an efficient online and offline interconnection between brand vendors, retail business entities and consumers. Up to now, "FANBOT Hawker" robot has obtained 169 patents.

Premier Li came to Yuefan Innovation Booth. "As soon as the Premier came over, he asked me,' This is the robot I interacted with before. How far has it gone?' I am more than touched! " Huang Shan, a doctoral student at UESTC and CEO of Yuefan Innovation, enthusiastically introduced the FANBOT Hawker robot to Premier Li.

In fact, as early as 2016 when Premier Li visited Jingrong Town, he had an exchange with Huang Shan and listened to her transformation from "learning hegemony" to "founder". Huang Shan was very excited to see Premier Li again after three years. She said: "I have reported to the Premier our improvement in the past three years. The innovation team of Yuefan has been following the Premier's guidance and has been steadfast in landing robot technology. It has been doing business seriously and will continue to do so in the future."


In the end, Premier Li came to Free Trade Zone Sub-branch of Bank of Chengdu Sub-branch to investigate how the financial institutions did to support high-tech start-ups. As the artificial intelligence service provider of Chengdu Bank and the representative of Chengdu artificial intelligence start-up, Shen Fumin said," Premier, nice to meet you. I am a teacher of the University of Electronic Science and Technology. Our company is a high-tech start-up artificial intelligence enterprise with eight overseas experts and fifteen doctors." Shen Fumin, professor of School of Computer Science and Engineering of UESTC and CEO of Koala Youran, was the first to report the work to the Premier and ask him questions about the development of artificial intelligence in the western region.

"China highly encourages innovation and entrepreneurship. From the central government to the local government, political and financial support is accessible to solve many problems for the development of enterprises." Shen Fumin said, "However, artificial intelligence start-ups still face a problem, that is, the monopoly position of some leading technology giants in the market makes it difficult for us to develop rapidly. At present, we have no one star hi-tech enterprise in the western region. Taking this opportunity, I would like to ask the Premier whether the central government or the local government could issue policies to support the growth of high-tech start-ups in the western region. "

Premier Li said that China would increase support for small and medium-sized banks that directly serve small and micro enterprises, promote information sharing among enterprises involved in loans, improve assessment methods, and promote large and medium-sized banks to form a reasonable division of labor mechanism. It is hoped that small and medium-sized banks would further increase the proportion of small and micro loans. China would further study and adopt various measures, such as lowering the standard and targeted reserve ratio, refinancing and rediscounting, so as to reduce the real interest rate and the comprehensive financing cost, and to significantly alleviate the financing difficulty of small and micro enterprises.


Shen Fumin said that through the dialogue with the Premier, he felt the strong support in China have been given to artificial intelligence industry. He said they would live up to people’s expectations and work hard towards the goal of "unicorn in the western region" to help Sichuan province's economic and social innovation and high-quality development.

On the afternoon of that day, Premier Li also inspected many alumni enterprises in Jingrong Hui. He had in-depth talks with the person in charge of BOE Chengdu Company and carefully inquired about and experienced the world's leading flexible OLED mobile phone folding screen products developed by the company. In front of the booth of creative information technology co., ltd, he amicably talked with the staff and affirmed the company's products. Lu Wenbin, chairman of the board of directors of the company, the rotating chairman of the global alumni association of the UESTC and president of the Chengdu alumni association, said that the company was greatly encouraged and would continue to improve its core competitiveness and open up a new future.

Translated by Zeng Xiaoyan, supervised by Long Mei.

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