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The UESTC-UG Joint PhD Program Got Approval

Recently, the Ph. D. Education Program of Information and Communication Engineering jointly organized by the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China(UESTC) and University of Glasgow(UG) in the UK was approved by the Ministry of Education, the first time that UESTC has launched a double-degree cooperation program with a world-famous university at the doctoral level. The approval of this project has scored a historic breakthrough in Sino-foreign cooperative education project of doctors, conductive to further introducing foreign high-quality educational resources, optimizing the faculty, promoting the construction of a high-level international talent training system and a high-end international cooperation platform as well as enhancing the educational vitality. Also, the project will further drive the cooperation between the two universities in personnel training, teacher exchanges, scientific research and so on to form an international high-end talent training system with characteristics, incorporating undergraduates, graduates and doctors. The program will be implemented by the School of Information and Communication Engineering, UESTC.


Neal Juster, Executive Vice President of the UG, led a delegation to visit UESTC, discussing the doctoral program

It is introduced that supported by A+ discipline advantages of information and communication engineering in UESTC, the project will integrate the predominance and characteristics and resource platform of the UG in engineering personnel training, jointly committed to cultivating senior talents with multi-disciplinary knowledge, innovative ability and international vision. After enrollment, students will register in the two universities at the same time, enjoy relevant high-quality educational resources, and receive the joint guidance of the mentors of UESTC and UG. Students will obtain doctorates awarded by them respectively if they complete the academic demands and meet the requirements of the two universities.

The implementer of the program, the School of Information and Communication Engineering has established a tight cooperative relationship with the James Watt School of Engineering, UG. The two sides actively carry out interactive exchanges and cooperation, with the support of the China Scholarship Council, launch combined training of doctoral talents, develop short-term exchanges and semester exchanges leaning upon the characteristics and advantages of the UESTC and UG, and organize "Communication and Network" summer schools together, conduct teachers' academic communications and co-scientific research on the platform of the joint laboratory of the two universities.


The two sides discussing the details of the project in the UG

It was known that in 2018, on the basis of solid talent training cooperation between the two universities, the two sides conducted a host of exchanges and negotiations on initiating the doctoral degree education program, and reached an agreement. In 2019, the delegation of UESTC visited the UG, holding a new round of consultations on the specific issues of the project and making progress. In June, the two generally completed the detailed negotiations of the program and set out to prepare the application materials. A month later, the two sides signed the agreement and completed the application. In December 2019, the Ministry of Education approved the doctoral degree education program of information and communication engineering jointly organized by the two universities.

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The University of Glasgow is one of the top 100 universities in the world, one of the ten oldest universities globally, and a founding member of the Russell Group Universities in the UK and Universitas 21, home to seven Nobel laureates, two British Prime Ministers and four founders of colleges and universities. It is a prestigious university with a high reputation in Europe and in the world.

As the first UK university to receive a super five-star rating in the QS World University Rankings in 2018, the University of Glasgow ranks in the top 1% of the world, 67th in the 2020 QS World University Rankings, 99th in 2020 Times Higher Education World University Ranking and 11th in the UK, and 89th in the USNews World University ranking in 2020.

Translated by Huang Ping, supervised by Long Mei.

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