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UESTC is Ranked 4th! The Evaluation Results of 2015-2019 China College and University Discipline Competition Released

On February 22, the China Association of Higher Education (CAHE) released the ranking results of the 2015-2019 and 2019 national university discipline competitions. It is for the fourth consecutive year that CAHE released the evaluation results. In the 2015-2019 National College and University Discipline Competition Ranking (Undergraduate), UESTC ranked 4th in the country with 425 awards and a total score of 97.57, and ranked No. 2 in the country in science and engineering colleges, which is one of the two universities that has remained in the top five in the list for the fourth consecutive year.

2015-2019 Ranking List of China University and College Discipline Competition

(Undergraduate, Top 300)

2015-2019 Ranking List of China Institutes of Science and Technology Discipline Competition

(Undergraduate, Top 20)

This round of competition evaluation continues following the principles of fairness, impartiality, openness, guidance, durability, classification-orientation and results-orientation, adhere to the quality-oriented and careful advancement thinking, and is ranked according to the data of contributions of award-winning, organization and research. Award-winning contributions cover competition level, competition format, competition history and the number of competition awards. Organization contributions cover competition secretariat, competition organizer, excellent organization units and excellent instructors. Research contributions cover the expansion and extension of competition research content which includes teaching achievements and teaching reform papers of university students' competition.



UESTC has always attached great importance to the cultivation of students' innovative ability and the overall development of comprehensive quality. Discipline competitions have played an active role in the cultivation of innovative talents. Years of accumulation have formed a good competition atmosphere and excellent heritage in the school. Students have solid basic knowledge, strong professional ability and high comprehensive quality, which make them become outstanding in the practice of various discipline competitions. Only in 2019, UESTC students won 11 first prizes and 12 second prizes in the National Undergraduate Electronics Design Contest. The number of first prizes and the total number of awards ranked first in the country. UESTC students also won 6 first prizes (The number of first prizes ranked first in the country) and second prizes in the China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling, which marks the fifth time UESTC has won all the prizes of CUMCM. In the Mathematical Contest In Modeling, they won three highest awards 'Outstanding Winner', which makes UESTC become one of the universities with the most 'O' awards. In the International Genetically Engineered Machine competition, they won the gold medal. In addition, they entered the world finals in the ACM--International Collegiate Programming Contest, won the third place in the country in the RoboMasters, 2 grand prizes in the National Undergraduate Engineering Training Integration Ability Competition, 1 grand prize in the National College Student Information Security Contest, and 10 first prizes in the National University Students Intelligent Car Race, China Undergraduate Computer Design Contest, FNL Cup English Speech contest, National College Optoelectronic Design Competition, China Collegiate Computing Contest -- Group Programming Ladder Tournament.

At the same time, UESTC vigorously promotes teaching reforms. Each competition coach team has also built a number of courses based on the in-depth integration of theory and practice in discipline competition in order to achieve cross-disciplinary and cross-cultivation. Many courses in the core general curriculum and challenging learning curriculum are very popular among students. The coaching team of National Undergraduate Electronics Design Contest, CUMCM, National University Students Intelligent Car Race and National College Student Information Security Contest also published course supporting materials and opened online courses in order to form a standardized and systematic training mode. The radiation role of discipline competition in the training of talents has been greatly improved, and the benefit that students got has increased a lot.

2015-2019 China College and University Discipline Competition Items Included in the Ranking list of China College and University Discipline Competition

Since the first release of the evaluation results of discipline competitions in colleges and universities on December 14, 2017, the panel of the China Association of Higher Education Research on the Evaluation and Management System of University Competitions has released a list for four consecutive years, which has caused widespread concern in the society. By 2019, the number of competition items included in the list of undergraduate discipline competitions has increased to 41, and a total of 1,172 undergraduate institutions nationwide have entered the list.

Translated by Fan Zhaojun, supervised by Liao Min.

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